Should I give him his dream feed tonight?

Hi, after some opinions please. James has a dream feed, then wakes in the night for a feed, usually around 4am but occasionally later. This morning it was 5.45, then he'll go back to sleep. He usually has one poo a day, today he's had 3 and they've been loose. I thought it might be to do with teething. But James projectile vomited up his milk, after his bedtime bottle. Clearly felt better for it, as he was all smiles as I changed him, and went back off to sleep without a problem. So, should I give him his dream feed because if he doesn't want it he won't take it, and then I'm not disrupting what we usually do? Or should I miss it, and risk him waking earlier than usual? Thanks. xx mithical and James 18 weeks 6 days.


  • i think as he was sick i would, we have been in this situ before and been woken by a screaming hungry baby, might be worth a go, as you said if he doesnt want it he wont have it x
  • Thanks Piggy. He is drinking it, so I'll just let him have as much as he wants. xx
  • Oh well, that didn't work. He only took 2oz, and just brought it back up. He'll have to let me know when he's hungry. xx
  • awww poor thing x
  • Thanks PP. He was ok with his 4am feed, and has only brought up small amounts today, not every feed. xx
  • how was the rest of the night??
  • He took 5oz of 6oz feed at 4am, after he woke around 3 and I resettled him. I sat him up for 15 minutes after the feed, and he was ok. Big horrid nappy at 6am though! Went back to sleep until 8. Not sure if I'm sleeping badly because he's moving about, or because one min I'm hot, the next cold! Thanks for asking. xx
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