im pregnant with my first baby and i have no idea about nappies. i was thinking i would pick some up when they were on offer to have a good stock for when baby arrives, but how will i know what size to get and how many?

sorry if this seems a silly question, any advice welcome image

Thanks A xx 21+2


  • most new baby ones are good, sometimes pampers or huggies fist nappies are on offer with vouchers in various preg packs you get.. i got small nappies and my LO was 9lbs 14oz so didnt use them long. Id say get a ouple of pack of the 'new babies/ newborn size because you can just get more either online or go out to shop etc, dont overstock as you may not like them.
    We had huggies first and them have gone onto pampers.
    Sorry for the ramble! xx
  • We have been using asda nappies which are incredible value and great performance wise too. We had a few size 1 but they were tiny so bought more in size 2.
  • In the early days we used nature baby 1-2as they have a lot less chemicals in them and are excellent for the very sensitive skin of a newborn and for older babies if they are prone to nappy rash. We used lots of the first size as our daughter was smalll and didnt gain quickly. We are into reusables now, which i thoroughly recommend. Try a bumgenius or a tots bots! Excellent value for money and sooo pretty!

    Em x
  • i ended up gicing away a huge bag of size ones as dd grew quickly after birth. as a baby changes shape different nappies will be better at different times. have you thought of reusable?
  • I just bought a couple of packets of size 1 just to get us going and then I went out to buy some more after ds was born. I started off on huggies but have switched to pampers as ds kept leaking! xx
  • Thank-you ladies image i cant say i had thought about reusables, it hadn't really crossed my mind, is it just not a lot more work? please excuse my ignorance.
    So seems i should only get a few packs of first size at this stage then, then wait till baby is here to see how what size he/she is??? and how fast they grow?
  • I did stock up when I saw offers and when I got vouchers etc I brought Size 2's mostly as my first baby was 7lb2 so sought of thought dd2 would be about the same (she was 7lb1 so not far off!) I think in the end I only used 2 packs of size 1 when she was very first born and then moved onto size 2. She is 19 weeks now and 14lb6oz and we have just moved onto size size 2's in my experience have lasted a while. I used a mixture of pampers, huggies when I had the vouchers but tend to by super market brands ASDA's little angels and Tesco's are very good and fab value too.x
  • have a pop over to the reusable forum. we love ours. i wash them every 2-3 days, line or maiden dry. very easy. no red bums, only the most stylish babies have nappies to co-ordinate with their outfts! image see if you qualify for a council voucher and get some with that to try.
  • Where do u get the vouchers from ladies? i dont think i have had any as yet? xxx
  • see if your council do them. if they do phone them and they send them out. not all councils do the same thing.

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