Anyone got or oh's got tattoo's of/for there babies? (ie names or something that resembles them or reminds you of them)

was thinking of having my LO's name on my wrist but just curious to see if anyone else has got something else?

(but looking into the future i have the prob that i'd either have to have 2 or 4 kids to make it even! and not give them particulary long names! LOL!!!)

and oh wants a tattoo done of LO's first footprint!


  • Funny you say this as my oh is getting our lo's name done on wednesday on his back (a bit like David beckham's...I mentioned this but it didnt put him off, haha). He has a tattoo already so was looking forward to an excuse to get another lol. At the moment we're trying to keep it a secret from his mum - even tho he's 22!! :lol:
  • My sister's oh hs got both their lo's name tattoed on each of his inner arm from elbow to wrist!! I think that is a bit much as the writing is massive!! Something smaller would suit me but he obviously wanted to make a statement!!
  • my oh is looking into it but i did mention puting it in a place where he could have an opposit done,could just imagine the arguements now if we have anymore kids about who the fav is because of where he has his tat,he already has 5,2 on each arm and a big tribal 1 from chest to back

    i'm still plucking the courage to get myself one!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hiya
    I've got my daughters name written in a star between my shoulder and spine, so that when we have another, their name will go the other side. My oh has the same star on the inside of his wrist. We call her bumble bee so I also have a bee just above my ankle, that way she's always with me

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  • thanks for the replys this will be the third for both me and oh

    i have a big one on the base of my spine black tribal swirls design with green vines wrapped around and pink flowers and one on my shoulder blade of tigger and tinkerbell sitting togeather in some grass as they were the names of my previous cats (quite sad but looks so sweet!)

    was thinking just nice black swirly writing quite small only about 1 - 1.5cm tall written just abouts wear a watch would sit

    anyone seen what a tattoo of a footprint looks like?
  • Hi! I had my sons name tattooed onto my back on sat, wanted it on my wrist but they couldn't fit it on, so ended up having it done at the top of my back. I always said i'd have it done but it took me 7 months to pluck up the courage!!!

    It didn't actually hurt that much and I absolutely love it!!!!
  • hayls i love the story about your bee, lovely thought! (wouldnt work for me as we often refur to LO as either chunky or cheeky monkey cant quite imagine getting a tat of that! lol)

    and grudie this does happen i am one of four children but my dad only has 3 of us tattoo'd on him (said he was to old!!!! to get the 4th done!) she constanly nags him and we fight even though were all in our 20's about which tat is his fav as to where he put it on his body and how often its seen (can say i normally win as i was 2nd baby but my tat is on my dads forarm which is most seen and most talked about)
  • hiya hun, ive got a tattoo on my wrist, its says millie my world, hubby is getting an angel on his back and millie's name under it, so the angel is looking over millie x
  • LOL, we also call Bea a lil monkey, your message made me laugh because it did cross my mind ( a monkey). Bumble bee is her main nick name, but I've also started calling her pickle lately (glad I got my tattoo before that nickname came along!! lol.

    I'm now expecting our 2nd and worry about whether our next baby will have a suitable nickname that I can use for a tattoo, but if not, I think I may op for their star sign or something (as well as the name in a star)

    x x x
  • i want brooke tatooed on my wrist same as you tigga22!! my friend has just has hers done its harry with a star above and below it.. hers is quite big though i only want my small,, might go look into having it done today going past the tatooist! xx
  • not sure i could put a pic of what we call lennon as its chuckie (didnt spell that right i think) the evil doll in those horror films lol its just the face he makes when he hits his dad with something its so funny

    we dont call him it all the time lol

    bad mother i am!
  • My mum says that my daughter looks like les dawson, with some of the faces she pulls, so don't feel too bad lol x x x
  • hi the tat of the footprints does look amazing i saw a pic on facebook (one of ohs friends had it) im really tempted to get it my self but im a chicken coz my last tat hurt soooooooooo much (its across the bottom of my back) so i may just get summers name somewhere i would like it on my wrist but i imagine that would hurt alot!!!
  • Hello.
    My oh has 4 tattoos (he was in the navy) and would like one done of all his childrens names. He has said tho he may wait till we have had our second or get one that another name can be put in at a later date. I would like one done on the top of my thigh or my lower back (not over the spine) of a picture that reminds me of my daughter and her name. I would only like a outline no colour. Then if/when next one comes along do something simular.
  • I would love a tattoo of shays name but im such a wimp when it comes to needles and pain how did everyone find having it done?
  • I have four tattoos in total, one of them with my boys name "jayden" on my wrist is a butterfly below it
  • Hi kayley1987

    All tattoos hurt, the outline is the worst bit, after that it's not so bad, and I sort of get used to it. My last one (for my daughter) was on my ankle, that was quite painful. It depends where you have them, I have 1 on my foot, 1 base of back across spine, 1 on shoulder, 1 on a sensitive place and 1 on my thigh. Least painfull was on thigh, most annoying base of back going back and forth over spine. Most painful foot. I asked the guy who did mine (as he was covered in them) wear did he think hurts more, and he said foot. But there worth it if you really know what you want. x x
  • thanks hayls i would like it done either on my arm or my shoulder think i might just bite the bullet and get it done x
  • My OH plans to get LO's name down his side, along his ribs, which is bound to be a painful spot so keep teasing him that I will pick a really long name on purpose! Not sure if i'll get one for lo, already have quite a large horse's head on shoulder and never decided where or what next!
  • i have 3 tattoos but none of harris name i want one tho! just waiting for right design as i like all mine to be designed for me so they are original! im a bit of a tatoo snob! lol xxx
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