it just got to breaking point!!!

u have prob heard me on before about my babys other granny known as granny from hell! (she reali is that bad) well i ave been seeing a new fella and things were great e was brill with my child n treated him like his own...onli granny from hell found this out and went and slabberd complete crapa bout me round the whole town sayin i have changed n im a tramp now n my friends are tramps and what is this fella even doing with me etc etc...well he found all this out and of course says right thats the end of us! i got home n cried my eyes out cause i was so hurt that she was sayin all this! i was sooo upset and i went completely mad so..i rang her house and she answered and was all nice to my face i hung up on her! n i got hold of her son who is my babys father n we had words well e went completely mad with her and told her it was none of her business and to stay out of mine n stop spreadin crap... well it all tooks its toll on me and on tuesday i ended up crashin the car!! got home n completely cried my heart out! iv already been diagnosed wi depression she makin it worse!.....sorry so long but needed to get it off my chest xx


  • oh hun im so sorry to hear you going threw a bad time, and no shes not gonna make ur depression any better, the silly old bag how dare she! xx
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