How flexilble should he be ?


Tyler ia 7 months old and i've probably made a rod for my own back as he naps every 2 hours in his cot if we're home. If we're not he will nap in the car for short periods but it feels as though i'm always watching the clock afraid he will kick off. For example we dont go anywhere after 6 and make sure we're back in the house the start his routine otherwise he will cry as he wants to go to bed.

Was just wondering how flexible should he be at this age ?




  • The boys are 7.5 months (8 months next Sat) and are relatively flexible. They will only have their morning nap in the cot, otherwise they just dont have it! However, since ive been back at work, they cant do this 2 days a week so we have kinda knocked it on the head the rest of the time too. They are normally in bed by 6/6.30 and I VERY rarely deviate from this. Even if we are out, I do their bedtime routine (they have a bath in the morning so routine consists of undressing, naked time, sleepsuit, bottle) then they have a story while in their buggy/carseat and go to sleep. They dont wake when I transfer them to their cot when we get home.

    So, in answer to your question, relatively, but routine is still important. The boys go to my parents 2 days a week and we dont get home in time for bedtime but the routine is done at their houses. Other than that, there has only been 2 occasions weve been out past bedtime since they were old enough to have 'bedtime'.

    Sorry, not sure im much help!
  • Beth is not flexible AT ALL!!! Will only sleep in cot. She used to nap in car but won't even do that now and I can't even remember the last time she fell asleep in buggy! Even walking around for 2 hours doesn't get her to sleep now!

    I was moaning to HV about it once and she said that I should consider it a good thing to have such an alert baby who can't switch off if there are things going on around her. Shows intelligence etc. I can kind of see her point but I'd also like to be able to go out more! Can't have everything I suppose!

  • My LO is 8 months and she'll sleep in her car seat at a push but only if we're in motion for a good half hour and it's way past her nap time.

    She won't sleep in the buggy and hasn't for months, but will happily sleep in her cot at home or at granny's. She'll fall asleep on me rarely and she has to be totally shattered.

    I don't let it stop me doing things though. If she has breakfast about 8.30 she may or may not have a nap. If not I'll go out at 9, if she does I'll go out when she wakes up and take her lunch with me. I find that if she misses a nap in the morning she'll make up for it in the afternoon.

    Regarding night time, she goes up at 6.30 and I have only not done this twice, both times we had a very grumpy baby who then had a very disturbed night sleep so I'm not flexible with this at all.

    Hope that has been some help? x
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