Progress with BLW?

Hi Ladies,

I started BLW just over 2 weeks ago and after a very impressive and promising first week, my daughter seems to have regressed and lost interest in food? At the start she would pick it all up off the tray, lick/suck/chomp on it all and did really well. But now when I put food down in front of her, she barely even notices it, so I hold it to her mouth and she'll taste/chew it happily - put it down on the tray and tell her to do it and she just doesn't bother? I'm trying to avoid holding it for her and feeding her - as then I may as well be spoon feeding, but I can't understand why she's lost interest.

Aside from food, everything of course makes it's way to her mouth, but food stays on the tray. I must buy some strawberries as she loved them when she tried them so will give them a go as I know she loves the taste.

I was just wondering how everyone else's baby progressed, did they improve each time or did you go through blips? I'm not at all worried, she's only just 6 months and we've only just started so I'm not concerned, just intrigued.



  • hi hun. DD is now just 7 months and every now and again she goes through a phase like this. personally i just think it's her having a lazy day as any other time she'll be on fine form feeding herself.

    my logic is we all have lazy days as adults so why shouldn't a lil baby have one now and again too lol
  • We certainly have days where he eats lots more than others. Our main issue is teeth, if he's teething he will only eat soft food and sometimes only bananas, he also avoids all stodgy foods like bread and pasta, I think that his tummy is so full with drool as even if I give him pain meds he just cant seem to get it down him, he will chew it but not swallow.

    I would say 90% of the time though he is like your lo was that 1st week everything comes off the tray :lol:

    I also think some can be prone to lazy days although I have a greedy boy and this just means that mealtimes can take FOREVER but it still tends to go in eventually!

  • hey my lo is 25 weeks and started just under a week ago, he seems better some days than others, i think it's perfectly normal though and even later on for them to have funny days too.

    I can't believe how well he eats some times and altough he doesn't each much i can def tell he is swallowing some, i would never have imagnied i would be feeding my lo anything other than purees but i'm so glad i have started this route. I tried feeding lo some yoghurt with a spoon and he was having non of it, pre loaded the spoon and gave it to him and it was straight in there was so proud image.

    He seems to enjoy lunch at the most at the moment, i think morns and eveings are hit and miss because of being tired/hungry for milk so it is a bit hit and miss at the moment.

    I would just keep offering if they want it they will eat image x
  • Thanks for your replies ladies.
    Some of it is laziness, some of it is that she'd much rather play with the cat who always comes to have a nosey at what she's eating! I expected the odd day to be off/uninterested in food but it's been every meal every day. Just seemed odd after such a promising start.
    But hey ho, I shall persevere - it's just a bit frustrating spending the time sitting with her and the food to see if she wants it followed by the tidy up when she doesn't take any of it. But she'll get it in her own time as with most things.
    Good find Calleigh, have just bookmarked it and will check it out properly another time.
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