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My mum has arrived to help me with my 20 day old baby, and have discovered that when I thought the baby was hungry again, it was probably likely to be wind bothering her, and not hunger because the baby would settle more after my mum spent ages winding her. Whenever she has cried before, I have always continued to try feed her even if the feed lasted longer than one hour.

I don't think I can tell when the baby has wind or if she is just hungry. Does anyone know the signs of when your baby still has got wind which needs to come out? How long do you tend to wind for as well?

Also, cos Im b/feeding her, it worked out I was feeding her every 2 hrs, but mum is trying to get her into a 4 hrly feed, to establish a routine. Although, in reality it is working out to be about 3 hrs as the baby is crying for a feed, so I am feeding her them. Do you think by trying to put the baby into a 4 hr routine it will muck up my breast milk in any way since I was use to feeding her every 2 hrs.

hope this message makes sense, as I feel I have baby brain just now.


  • It's really difficult to tell when they are struggling with wind tbh. What I used to do was offer them my little finger to suck, if they took it happily then it was probably wind bothering them, if they spat it out in disgust they were probably hungry!!

    Please, please don't let your mum try and get her on a 4 hour routine. That is FAR too long for a tiny bfed baby to go between feeds. Untill your milk is properly established at about 6-10 weeks it is REALLY important that you feed on demand, how ever often that is. It can sometimes seem like you are constantly feeding but it is really important so that your supply gets properly established. A lot of babies have a growth spurt at 3 weeks as well so she may be feeding for so long because she is going through this. 4 hour routines were designed for ffed babies as the formula takes longer to digest, they really don't work for bfed babies, especially when they are as young as your lo.

    Sorry if that sounds like a bit of a lecture, it wasn't supposed to!!!
  • thanks for your reply. You are right queenbee - baby was born by section 1 week early.

    Bedhead - looks like I have another difficulty on my hands with my mum being here - this 4 hr marlarky! Not sure what I can do or say to my mum to get her out of this 4 hr thing. Thank goodness, my mum has been pretty flexible so far and let the baby feed after 3 hrs as opposed to crying it off. I need to see if there is something in a baby book I have got for her to read to change her mind.
  • I'd have thought that would be the other way round Bedhead re finger sucking?

    I find it easier winding Faye sat on my knee with a muslin under her chin and my other hand supporting her back, but when she was younger and not as good head control she went over my shoulder. Gently rub and pat up and down her back, sometimes a rocking chair can help or walking up and down.

    A 4 hr routine with a breastfed baby is too long, she'll be starving. Faye is 14 wks and I'm feeding her 2.5 hrly, sometimes 2 hrly - you really have to let them take the lead because obviously you can't see how many oz's she is getting
  • Mrs T, I think my two were clever, if they were hungry they would suck your finger very briefly, realise there was no milk coming out and protest loudly!!! If they were uncomfortable then they liked the comfort of sucking and weren't bothered by the lack of milk.
  • You are right Lara about being firm. I will play on the "hasn't gained birth weight yet" as part of my argument.

    baby does suck my finger when she is hungry so that is the cue

    Thanks for your replies, really appreciate it.
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