Ikea Highchair

Pointless post!

I know this has been posted before but today we got the ikea highchair & i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im a mummy to 3 & in the past i have spent a fortune on the loveliest looking highchairs, but this one i can not fault. So easy to clean & I love that the straps come off so can easily go in the washing machine, where as previous chairs got absolutely covered in food & i was unable to get it all off the straps.

And the best thing of all is the price!!!!!

Anyway had to share, hope your all having a good day

J x

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  • We bought ours yesterday and I am loving it so far!

  • Due to the reviews on here, I plan to buy one to keep at my parents as we eat there at least once a week. Ours was bought as a gift from BIL, but my tiny LO is too small for it! So we're using the Bumbo for weaning at the mo, can't wait to use our actual highchair.
  • MummyAnonymous, did you know you can get an inflatable insert for the high chair, from Ikea? My friend used one for her LO and it did the job nicely!

    Think they're about a fiver.

    Madam, on the other hand, has always been a big girl image

    Em xx
  • Must go have a look at this highchair were after one at the moment!

  • We've got the Ikea one too and it's brilliant. I couldn't recommend it enough to anyone.
  • I love the Ikea highchair, we have one at my parents and so much more practical than the ??50+ one we hve at home.
  • I ordered one last week, coming on Friday yippee!!!!!!
    I've heard LOTS of excellent review and as we're BLW jeez the mess on her normal ??90 M&P highchair is disgusting!!! I'm forever cleaning it yet I still don't feel like it's clean enough eugh!
    Can't wait to get the Antilop, I'll take it outside and chuck a bucket of soapy water over it :lol: Oh, DD will be removed beforehand!!!!!
  • We bought ours last week image I love how neat and tidy it is, it fits right under our table perfectly image We are starting weaning in the next week or so, so i can't wait to use it! image xxx
  • lol! I posted an almost identical thread when i got mine! love love love it. X
  • Can one of you lovely ladies post me a link for this highchair please? I've just been having a nosey on the website but am hopeless at finding things lol! We are thinking of getting one quite soon but haven't found one that we like yet x
  • I used to use the cushion like it shows on the website (ie behind my son in the chair) but saw my friends little one, who is tiny, had it in the chair under her bum which helped to lift her up a bit and cushion her in at the sides. Another option I hadnt thought of when my son was smaller.

    The only complaint i have about the chair is that it lifts up when you try to get them out, but just wrap your legs around one of the legs to hold it down.
    VERY easy to clean, in seconds!

  • Due to recommendations on here we are off to ikea in croydon tomorrow to probably get one. I like the look of the red one.
  • MIL has one and its great my mum will be getting one too image its the ease of cleaning they love

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