FAO: immense - sorry, quite random!

Your new avatar is lovely - just wondered when Ella started to lift her head up so well when lying on her front? Joseph still munches the mat and moans at the moment!!! I remember you always seemed to be a couple of weeks ahead of me so just wondered if it happened gradually or all of a sudden she could do it? xx


  • Thank you image

    She has been lifting her head from the day she was born on me, but didn't like doing it on her tummy until about 12/13 weeks old! Then she suddenly lifted up really high! She has not started to roll across the floor too which is really hilarious when I am trying to get her ready for bed as she laughs at me when she is doing it! lol image
  • ooh how exciting I love it when they learn to do new things! Joseph has just started sucking his thumb - it's so cute (but bad for his future teeth I know!) lol x
  • Ella has too in the last couple of weeks! It IS really cute! She has figured out what to do with her fingers yet though and keeps poking her eyes!
  • I meant hasn't figured out!
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