Just wondering if anyone has a sling to carry baby in? Im thinking of getting one as my lo is awake most of the day and im finding it hard to hold him all the time - my backs starting to hurt! I quite like thebabasling which I can get from mothercare. Has anyone used this?



  • ARGH My replies keep going missing!!!!

    Slings are great.... try this site by a member of BE
  • the babasling is excellent for round the house. (TK Maxx seem to have some for ??20 at the moment). Avoid the baby bjorn carriers for round the house. - they are better for being out and about. u can't see enough in front of you and the legs are in the way which isn't great for food prep.
  • Cheers hun :lol:
    The site is still a work in progress, there isn't that much info on there so if you've got any more questions feel free to email me and ask.
    Personally I think the babasling is very overpriced for what it is, have a look at they are a very similar thing but much cheaper. Although I use my MooBoo carriers Mei tai most of the time I still use a freedom ring sling if he gets grumpy at home as it is a bit quicker to pop him in and out.
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