FAO Cazzyw

Hiya are you still cc?
How is it going? :\)


  • Hey hun, yeah are you? is all still going well? its going quite well for us at the moment. i put her to bed at around 8 last night and she woke up again about 2am and was crying but left her and she fell asleep again. think she needs to get out of the habit of her waking to feed! she then slept til just after 5 and wanted feeding, after a quick feed went back down till 9.30am. i have also noticed that she has been sleeping better through the day too, when she gets tired now she just falls asleep, before she just use to fight it.
    Caz x x
  • well done! its so hard but if you stick with it its totally worth it. Yeah it sounds like she has got into the habit of feeding at night - maybe more of a comfort thing. if you just leave her she'll make up for it in the day, and you'll begin to feel like a normal person again!!

    max is sleeping better in the day, too. i think because we've had more sleep. we have more energy to play with them which makes them tired, and they sleep better so its a really good thing to do!!
    Max slept 7-6 last night i think he still wakes at 1 or 2 i heard him kicking his legs about but he soon goes back to sleep again.

    so good luck for tonight! xxx
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