How do you post pics?

Well its just what the title says how do you post pics? thanks xxxx


  • Taken from another post, photos from....

    Garfield says ....Click on photo, go to properties, copy the URL, click img on post reply, without leaving a space copy that URL code, click img again.

    Brandollarz says....make urself an account on photobucket - really quick and easy

    1. click on 'my albums' on photobucket
    2. click on choose files next to the box on the right (your best off changing the size bar under the box to medium or large)
    3. When its uploaded there will be a pg that says add titles descriptions and tags. I usually put a title in then go to skip this step now and it will still save the title of your pic
    4. then it wil take you bk to the same pg with you picture underneath
    5. click the direct link (you only need to do this once) and it will say 'copied'
    6.come bk to the BE pg and reply to a post then need to click the img box up the top of the reply page^
    8.without leaving a space right click on ur mouse and choose paste on the img button again without leaving a space from your text
    10.then submit!!

    As these two ladies explained it well...I hope they dont mind me copying and pasting the answers to your thread. xxx
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