What a beautiful baby!


  • hi, my son is now 14 weeks old. the past 3 weeks he has been very dribbly and a little wingy. today he is crying alot and chewing/sucking eveything and anything loads. i have given him some paracetamol about an hour ago and he has carmed down a little. so is he teething ( or is he coming down with some thing as me, daddy and our daughter have all come done with a cold this week ) any help would be great as when my daughter teethed she was just very dribbly. x.
  • I would say that sounds like teething - get some Ashdons powders, they work miracles!!
  • sounds like teething.. my friends lo always teeths with a cold.. we use Holland and Barret teething tablets they are all natural ingrediants and work wonders! they last ages to my lo is 10 months and still on 1st packet!! they just disolve in mouth and numb the gums i swear by them
  • Rhys has been teething foe awhile now but the last 2 days he's been going mad with them. Normally we use dentinox gel on his gums and that soothes them but the last couple of days it hasn't seemed to make a diff so the calpols come out. he's been tugging at his ears like mad and gone off his solids too. Taking his milk fine though. he was 5 months yesterday. Hope they come through soon as the whinging is doing my head in.
    Might look for some of them teething tablets. Seem easier then rubbing the gel all over his gums.
  • yeah my lo is cutting her first tooth at the mo shes nearly 9 months but we use teetha which are great again they are a powder and work really quickly, they sell them in boots a must have lol
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