advice please how do i teach her to self settle?

Hi Ladies,

Sometimes Dixie stays awake for hours and hours (yesterday it was 9 hrs straight!)

I wanted some advice as to how I can just put her in her moses basket / crib and she can settle herself to sleep... At the moment she goes in and will be fine for 5-10mins then she starts crying and won't stay in there.... any help is appreciated Xxx


  • I use a dummy at nap/ bedtimes as my LO is a comfort sucker. It took a week or so to get him to self settle, I started putting him in his cot when he was half asleep and reassured him when he grizzled, gradually leaving it longer before I reassured him, never leaving it long enough for him to get really upset. Gradually he has learned to do it himself. TBH it's trial and error and I just tackled nightime 1st and now he will do it in the day although somedays he just wants cuddles to fall asleep. Good luck x
  • hello

    what a gorgeous name!!

    it took us 2/3 weeks to get LO to self settle, after his bath routine we put him to bed with his lightshow on said goodnight and went downstairs, after about 2 mins he would start to cry, we kept going up and settling then coming back downstairs, it was a right pain popping up and down the stairs every 5\10mins but well worth it as when he goes down now we dont hear and peep and can have some couple time image it takes him a while to get to sleep (like me) but now he doesnt need us to do it, we used a dummy but some of my friends have used a cuddle to settle x
  • Hi, Freddie is 5 weeks and 3 days and we had some success with self settling up until a couple of days ago, but he has got a sore throat and a cold so i am putting it down to that and as soon as he is better will start again, that said he will still self settle a couple of times a day and he settles himself off after his night feeds, (down to 2 now, hooray, from 4)

    What i do in the day is cuddle him for just a couple of minutes then put him down awake with his dummy, and i put the hair dryer on, i know it sounds daft but his eyes start to go straight away, he does start to cry sometimes and as soon as he starts crying i go straight to him, if his dummy is out i put it in and i put one hand on his chest as i do this and then rub the bridge of his nose, just for a couple of seconds then leave him,

    At first i was going back to him about ten times but gradually he started to realise that i was not going any where and if he needed me i would would come straight away so he started to settle him self off, he was going off completely by himself ( with the hair dryer noise) but like i say since he has been offside we have gone back to mostly shushing rocking and patting, because he just wants his mummy, but who doesnt when their poorly?

    Hope you go on ok.xx
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