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I currently just go to a non - mobile baby group (its for babies that arn't on the move yet). We have a local toddler group and wondered if you think I can go to this? or if any of you go to toddler groups? or if it will be exclusivly for toddlers. Sorry if this is a stupid question. Oh btw my baby is 6 months old x

ps will post similar topic in toddler

pps does anyone go to gymbabes? do you/your lo enjoy it?

Thanks x

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  • our mother and toddler group is from birth to 3, i would imagine most toddler groups will have a baby area. I started going when Zach was 6 months and Molly has gone from birth. x
  • Hey - I take Lily to a toddler group and they create a "baby corner" in the room with a semicircle of chairs (all the babies get plonked on mats or chairs or whatever in the middle). I wouldn't have known this as it didn't say on their poster - I was just brave and turned up. Hope yours has something similar!
  • Our mother and toddler group of from birth to 3 years old.
    my 17 week old loves it, he normally naps from 9.15am - 12 but not on Wednesdays as soon as we get to the door he wakes up i barley even get my keys in the door lol
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