MMR Booster?

Lily had her MMR jab abut a month ago. However, I've had another appointment through for her to have a MMR booster in a couple of weeks. I wasn't aware of this and I'm sure it's not mentioned in the immunisation booklet I've got (but do need to check it again). I just wondered if it's common practice everywhere to have a MMR booster a month after having the full jab.


  • She shouldn't need a booster untill she is about 3 1/2. Was it definately the MMR she had last month? I only ask because I thought Millie was due her MMR at 12 months but that was actually a different jab and her MMR was done at 13 months. I would definately check with your doctor
  • The one they do about 12 months now is the Hib (flu jab thingy i think) & meningitus c boosters and the MMR & pneumcoccal jabs are about 1 month later.
  • Yes she's had the 12 month Hib & MenC, then the MMR at 13 months - that's why I'm confused at this latest appointment. OH took Lily for her MMR at 13 months so I'm pretty sure that's what she had (need to check her red book when I get home). Think I need to ring up the docs to find out what's going on.
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