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I will be going bak to work after New Year. My boy Oscar will be 4 months then. I am not sure how is he going to cope with this change. He is so attached to me. What can I do to help him to get use to this new arrangements?:\?

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  • I havent got to this stage yet but i have heard that you should try and go to your childcare providers with him a few times so he gets used to it. Also try and leave him there a few times but only for maybe half a day so its builds up to when he is there full time.

    Im sure people who have done it will have some better advice im just going off what i have read
  • Hiya, I'm not back at work yet but i have started a college course one day a week. This is fantastic for harry as he now knows he goes to nursery on a friday and if it gets to the point where he'll be there more often then he's settled in already. I personally don't think it fair to have harry in there full time so its perfect that its easing him into being there regularly. xxx
  • I am just going back for part time about 2 days per week but i am still concerned.Also my parents and my partner will be looking ater him when i am at work.
  • hi anna20

    leaving you first lo for the first time is awful, but it does become easier.

    as the others have said, take them to your childcare people first..

    as it is your own family, he is already familiar with them which is a bonus for you. ask them if you can start with leaving him with them for an hour at a time, then make it a bit longer, every few days. if he doesnt settle, you are available for him, whereas when you are back at work you wont be.

    more than likely, you will BOTH be fine!
  • Thanks for your help. I am sure that we will be fine but all I am worried about is how will he cope with feednig from the bottle. I tried to give him an expressed milk forom bottle but he does not want it.

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  • hi again anna

    either try the tommee tippee free flow cup (the spouts usually fold over), or like how they cup feed in hospital like a small medicine pot, jut put it to his mouth, and let him "lap" like a cat. they will both be long winded compared to b/f, but if he will feed.....!

    get someone to do it while you are around, but so he cant hear /see you

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