Proud Mummy moment

Oh I'm so pleased!! HV has been Faye has put 1lb and oz on in a week image She is bf and since birth feeding has been a constant battle until she was treated for oral thrush a couple of weeks ago and things have settled down.... She is starting to climb the graph again and is in between 2nd and 9th centiles. Health Visitor was really impressed at how much more contented, happy she is

I'm chuffed!!! All my contacts in my mobile have had a txt LOL


  • Oh congratulations, that's great news! You must be so relieved - and it's lovely for you to know she's getting all that food from you (I tried to bf with both mine, but I hardly make any milk) xx
  • Ahh well done you!!! I too bf and it's a real achievement isn't it?
    Hope you can keep it up hun but if not don't worry about it image

  • Oh thats great news its so horrible when they aren't puting on much weight and the feeling when they do is amamzing, well done you two xx
  • Wow! thats great, well done you!

    It really is a good feeling when you get your lo weighed when breastfeeding and you know that you are responsible for the weight gain - you should be feeling very proud especially after the problems you've had.

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