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Jumperoo - what age?


I have bought a Jumperoo after seeing all the fab pics and posts on here about them but wondered what age my lo can use it from. She is 11 weeks and can hold her head up well for periods of time but in the argos catalogue it is listed on the 'from 9 months' page.
AM confused!!
Any advice please?


  • It says on the fisher price website that it is suitable from when they can hold their heads unaided untill they can either climb out or are walking. My little lad is 16 weeks and I have just ordered one for him, he has a door bouncer and he absolutely loves it!
  • I think Nathan was about 4 months when we started using his. He was sitting up very well with support by then which I think is just as important as holding their head otherwise they might slump in it.
    It took him a while but now he loves it, if we put In The Night Garden on at the same time he'll jump about for ages!
  • grace was about 4 mths too i think,shes now 5 1/2 mths and absolutly loves it!!
  • We used ours from around 4 months as that was when it was given to us. If I had it earlier may have tried it but don't think lo would have known what to do! I would say they need to be able to hold their head for a fair amount of time as there isn't much support.

    Hope your lo enjoys it whenever you start using it. My lo loved it!!!
  • Maddy was about 4 and a half months and held her head up well. It was definitely my best buy. Have just listed it on Ebay today as she has started taking steps now and wants to walk instead of bounce!! Lol
  • i've just got one for my daughter for christmas. She's 9 weeks at the moment and already very strong and by christmas should be fine. I can't wait to try her in it because she's already trying to move around so i'm sure she'll love it.

    Lisa xxx
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