is it just me...

or does Myleen Klass (or krass as it should be) do your head in!!!!!!!! :evil:

had a baby have ya, know it all do ya!

i was in mothercare today and they are selling off her babywear, obviously not selling :lol:



think i may have a touch of PMT image


  • I know what you mean I bet half the time the little one is with a nanny whilst shes working doing photo shots and tv shows it annoys me when people think they know it all I've got 2 but I'm still learning new things
  • I cant stand her either, you would think she was the only person to ever have a baby and she harps on about being a working mother. Its not like she has to leave her child to do a 37 hour week in a job she hates just to pay the mortgage.

    and breathe.......
  • And me, can't stand her! I had a quick flick through her book in Waterstones when I was first pregnant and it focused on all the negativity of being pregnant.... miserable cow!

    I don't actually like her clothes line in m'care, prefer their normal stuff :lol: Too expensive to be sicked on and dribbled over
  • i do hate the fact she just seems to be everywhere!!
    mothercare, m&s, on tv all time, she must hardly ever be with her baby!!
    her range is actually selling really well at my work, people love it! not too keen on it myself though. it's only on sale because it's the mid season sale and these are end of range. The new range is being launched next wed, and there are some right weird pieces! :lol:
  • i have to say i love her clothes range! when millie was newborn she had loads of her outfits and she still wears the socks now hehe x x
  • I'm not a huge fan of her either, probably cos she always seems so friggin perfect, smug cow lol xx
  • Have to say not my favourite person but she's clearly pretty smart to make so much money for her family.
    Do think her clothes at Mothercare are WELL expensive! Think the girl stuff is nicer than the boys stuff but that's always the way isn't?! No way I could get away sticking Alf in a dress or lovely spotty/stripey tights! Can you tell I'd love a girl next time?! x
  • I like her! I liked her book, I think she's articulate, her TV personality is friendly without being annoying and she's actually got talent as well as looks.

    Don't like her baby clothes range, though - a bit chavvy for me (no offence).
  • I don't mind her, she's clever and talented but she's terrible on 10 years younger, what exactly does she do apart from simper and cry? At least Nicky hambleton Jones had some expertise to share
  • i don like her full stop, she hasnt got any talent to me cos wot is she doin that hasn't been done before, wots the big deal she's just opportuned . its jus cos the british media dont have much peeps to talk about unlike america thats why she is lucky she's still been mentioned i give her 5 more years.
    argghhhhhhh she does my head in how dare she try n give expert advice about preg or baby u'v only had 1, even peeps wit 4 or more are still learning silly.
  • She is really starting to annoy me.. just coz she's EVERYWHERE i bloody look!!!
    I did buy the Baby K sling though and I have to say I love it!!

    My friend and I always say she thinks she's the only woman in the world to ever have had a baby, ever worked and ever breastfed! DID HER MOTHER NOT HAVE HER?????
    Hmmmmm maybe PMT here too lol xox
  • She is obviously quite clever and has some talents but i find her patronising. I hate it when celebs pretend they are just like the rest of us. I hate that she compares her working life to that of a normal working mother. I would love to earn what she does and be able to take my baby along to work with me.

    Has anyone seen the pantene ad in any of the magazines? She is so heavily airbrushed!!!!
  • she hasnt got any talent to me cos wot is she doin that hasn't been done before, wots the big deal she's just opportuned .

    Now I would agree with this if you were talking about Paris Hilton or someone but she's an incredible concert pianist as well as singer, model etc. She made it because she's talented (though I suspect looking like she does can't hurt).

    :lol: Feels weird to be arguing on behalf of a celeb, I'm normally scathing about them all!
  • Kirsty and Frankie I agree about the Pantene adverts-her hair normally looks lovely but I've no idea what they did to it but it looks all flat and well not very nice! Doesn't make me want to but the shampoo!
  • I have a completely irrational dislike of her brought on by my husband saying (a few weeks after i'd given birth) "wow she's just had a baby hasn't she, she looks great".
    I'd gained a stone during pregnancy and i swear if he wasn't the father of my child i'd have killed him!
  • Right, you will all think I'm daft but.... years ago, during Hear Say's fame Roland Rat (!) was on the tv and he did a count down of celebs who look like they have bad breath, and Mylene was number 1! I've never forgotton that and always think of it when I see her. Poor Mylene!
  • Although I thought her book was rubbish and just ripping off the one Jules Oliver did very well a few years ago, she is just making hay while the sun shines isn't she?

    At the moment she is flavour of the month and is taking every opportunity she gets, celebrities have a short lifespan nowadays and I think she is making money while she can and there is nothing wrong with that.
  • lmao bluevicki! xx
  • lol ladies.

    I like her. Think shes very talented. Theres not many people who are classically trained at her age. I also think she is very pretty.

    Did anyone see her brother in that reality TV show about martial arts? He is HOT!

    I dont get agree with not giving advice after only having 1? I Think if you've learnt something well you should be able to advise others.


    Elaine & boys xx
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