Hi Ladies,

Sorry to g/c from Pregnancy but have a question for those of you that have had an epidural. How long were you unable to move for after having your baby & did you need to have a catheter? Are any of you suffering any after effects as a result of the epidural?

Thanks for your help!


  • I couldn't walk for around 8 hours but I had mine just 15 mins before he was born as they prepped me for a possible section (which I didn't need as they got him out with forceps). I think a catheter is standard with an epidural but you won't feel it! I'm prone to UTIs so really didn't want one but it actually didn't bother me in the slightest.
  • I had mine at around 9.30pm, gave birth at 00.51am and walked to the bathroom for a bath at 3.30am.
    I had a catheter but didnt feel a thing, I actually needed one before the epidural because I couldnt go for a wee after the diamorphine injection for some reason! Like barbarella said though, you wont feel a thing and you really wont care anyway to be honest.
    I didnt have any after effects with mine at all.
    HTH xx
  • Hi hun, I had an epidural but it was one that only numbed half of me so I could still feel my legs afterwards. You should ask at your hospital to see whether they do the mobile one or whether it is the full one they do. I also had a catheter but because of the epidural I couldn't feel anything and it was only during birth anyway.

    I had no side effects and neither did Jack xx
  • I had no problems moving straight after the birth (as in I was moving my legs and shuffling around on the bed) - but I was given a low dose / mobile epidural and was given time to let it wear off before I started pushing - didn't wear off completely tho!

    I stayed in bed for probably 2-3hrs after giving birth - nearly 1 of those hrs was being stitched up!

    But then I stayed in bed for cuddles with Toby and seeing our visitors.

    It was a few hrs later when I got up and showered. I felt fine, if a little light-headed but I think that was due more to the fact I lost quite a bit of blood.

    No after effects for Toby or I.

    Good Luck!
  • I had one with my first and walked 3 hours after having it, i had a catheter in while i was in labour but then was taking out an hour after labour,

    I also had one with my second but i had a really stronge dose of it as i went to theater to get him tured so i couldnt walk till 12 hours after having it, and i had to keep catheter in for 6 hours after labour,

    I have nothing bad to say about epidurals i thought it was fantastic, i had a few back pains after having them but soon went after a few days

    I will defo not be ruleing out one with this baby x

    Hayley 38+6
  • I had one - I didn't want to but had been in labour for 120 hours and was exhausted so needed the rest! I would definitely consider having one again though, it was fantastic. I had a catheter which they took out the following day (Toby was born late at night) but didn't feel it at all. I could wiggle my toes and move around on the bed the whole time but couldn't get up as I was being monitored. The next day when I got out of bed after they took the catheter out I felt a bit woozy and had to sit down but I think that was more because I hadn't stood up for so long rather than after effects from the epidural itself. Toby was absolutely fine, no effects on him at all.

    Good luck!
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  • I had an epidural and it was fab! Would definitely have again especially if i have to go on the hormonal drip again. Looking back I wish I'd had it earlier in my labour!

    I had catheter out the next day. I had an em c-section tho, due to position of the baby, so not quite as easy to get up and about so soon. I was walking woozily about by the afternoon tho, after having baby in the early hours of the morn. Hth xx
  • I couldn't move for a few hours afterwards I think, can't remember very well all seemed such a haze! I remember the mw tried to take me for a bath and she said do you think you can get up yourself and I said yer I'll have a go, I tried to and just collapsed fell and she caught me lol.

    I think I had a cathether, only whilst the epidural was in. x
  • I could move within 2 hours but I wasn't allowed to get out of bed for 6 hours.
    I had a cathether right before I started pushing to empty my bladder but didn't have it afterwards.
  • Thank you all so much for your replies, they're very helpful.

    I made the mistake of mentioning that I would like one if I felt I needed one to a friend of mine (who gave birth with nothing but gas & air and mentions this fact all the time!) and she came out with a whole list of horror stories regarding them. Some of these were, contractions slowing and long labours, baby's being pulled out with forceps with such force that head and face was funny shapes, painful cathether insertion/removal, not being able to move after and the nurses taking the baby away for hours after giving birth and long term back pain for over a year after giving birth. Basically she was adament that it would be a bad idea!!
    But hearing from people that have actually had an epidural has put my mind at rest so thank you all very much.

  • i had one on my second prenancy and i think it was hours before i could walk and yes i had a catheter and i didnt feel a thing tbh it was nice not getting up for a wee since on my second pregnancy i was having a wee nearly every hour in the night and day :lol: i think it did slow the labour down a little as i couldnt feel the contractions and i couldnt put enough gusto in the push and yes they had to use forceps but i think the main reason was they wanted my LO's out as soon as possible as they were 9wks early but it did nothing to the shape of they head and my labour was 6 1/2 hours and my first was 4 1/2 hours on just gas and air
    good luck

  • I hate it when people make out it's a bad thing to have an epidural! If you are in a lot of pain and have a difficult labour it's the best choice imo. My labour actually speeded once I had an epidural. I had been stuck at 5 cm for 4 hours before. Once I had the epidural put in it started to progress! Good luck with your labour and go with what is best for you and ignore any silly scare stories!
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