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Ideas for breakfast?

My little man is 9 months old. For breakfast atm he has a few cheerios and i've just got him some shreddies to try, he also has a bottle approx 7/8oz (although separate from his food). When we first started weaning, he used to love porridge, now he won't take anything off a spoon. We have tried giving him some toast with a little bit of jam and butter which he just sucks and maybe has a little bite. Now i'm getting stuck for ideas as I would like him to have something substantial for his breakfast.

He loves petit filous (in fact its the only thing he will eat off a spoon!) but rather than give him a pot for his breakfast, i decided to try to make something that has a little less sugar in it by using natural yoghurt/plain fromage frais and adding some strawberries. It didn't go down to well as he didn't eat any of it. So ladies any ideas would be appreciated.


  • What about Ready-Brek? When my girls were little they would not entertain Porridge, but would wolf down Ready-Brek. xx
  • mummy2abluebean - is that made up with full fat cows milk?
  • What about things like crumpets or pancakes? My ds loves them for breakfast!
  • How about omelette, cut into strips so he can feed himself?

    Madam is also 9 months, and she has one weetabix and a slice of toast plus sometimes yoghurt or fruit pieces. At the weekend, she has scrambled egg or omelette and loves it!
  • I used to make it with full fat cows milk but I am sure you could use formala if you preffered x
  • My lo has eetabi or crumpet most mornings but loves an omelette or scrambled eggs on toast as well if i can be bothred to make it that early in the day!
  • You could let him eat porridge with his hands (messy but doable)

    fruit and yogurt (I mix them and he eats with his hands)
    scrambled eggs
    poached eggs
    cereals (just check salt and sugar)

    My little independent man wont let me feed him anything or go near him with a spoon, he does have a spoon with his meals but he cant load it yet so everything above is something he has had and eaten with his hands and he just chews on the spoon :lol:

  • Cheesy scrambled eggs. Gabriel just loves it and the cheese makes it easier to pick up as it helps to stick the egg together.

  • Cheesy scrambled eggs. Gabriel just loves it and the cheese makes it easier to pick up as it helps to stick the egg together.


    Great tip with the cheese to stick it together! Im going to try it again!
  • Beth is same. her breakfasts are usually 'buffet' style!
    So a few cheerios, tiny bit of croissant, tiny bit of toast, maybe one shreddie, one oatibix, few rice crispies, bit of fruit. You get the picture! She seems to get bored with one thing pretty quick but will eat a bit of something different one she has had enough of the first offering!

  • Hi Girls,

    Just thought I`d suggest something I got from AK book. My boy is the same, loves weetabix etc one minute and not the next and it seems he just wants a variety and who can blame him!

    AK recipe is just normal oates soaked over night on 1/2 orange juice ( we use orange & mango) or similar and 1/2 milk. In the morning I chop up dired/fresh fruit and add it and he demolishes it!

    I love the fact it is soooo easy, really healthy and something a bit different!

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