hi, well im really upset, hubby has recived a letter from work asking people if they want to take volantry redundancy, if not then they will be making some ppl off the choice redunt next week well im soo upset we only just manage to pay all the bills as it is and we were supposingly going to rent a house in 2 months once they have rewired it... its agorgeous big 3 bed house that wud be perfect for us im gutted coz now i have to stay in this small top floor council flat, i feel like crying... just when i thought things where gettin better.. i just want the best for jayden i wanted him to have a garden and a swing set and insted were cramped in the flat now.. me and hubbyknow it be him they pick as he was last one in the job.. and they layed 3 people of before christmas who was in after him

i dont know how we will manage coz we wud only get job seekers allowence and tax credit, i know we will get rent and council tax paid but we owe ??80 a month in credit cards, then we owe catalogs etc then theres other bills. dont know how we will cope and theres hardly any jobs about..

sorry fpr long rant.


  • Hi Haley really sorry to hear this. I was made reduntant yesterday too. Seems no ones job is safe at the moment. As Lara says though get on to the CAB with regards to the debt you are in, I did a couple of months ago and they were really good. We were paying ??700 a month in debt and have now had this reduced to ??170 a month and we will be debt free in 3 years time. Hope he doesn't get made reduntant, but if he does I am sure you will manage some how, we did when my hubby was 3 years ago. xxxx
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