Getting out and about with a newborn

Hi ladies,

My baby girl is 11 days old, and my OH and I have been out for a couple of walks since we got home. To be honest, I'm finding going out a bit stressful, and was just looking for a bit of advice from you lovely ladies?

I think it's the feeling of being out in the park when Eva wakes up and wants her bottle - having to just let her cry until we get home again really bothers me! We went to asda the other day and she slept the whole walk there, but once we were inside, she started screaming. It's not practical to pick her up while standing in the aisle. We went to the baby changing room, where I checked her nappy (it was fine) so it was hunger. Eva likes to take half her bottle, have a wee snooze for 15 mins, and then finish her bottle. Winding her can take 30 mins sometimes!

She is formula fed, so we have aptimil ready made cartons to use for feeding, so I just need to sterilise empty bottles and take them with me. I'm looking into buying a flask and powder dispensers so that we can make up fresh feeds.

I just don't feel in control about going out with her yet. I was just wondering if anyone can give me any tips? Am I daft to be feeling like this?

Thanks girls
Rucky and Eva 11 days


  • hi firstly your not daft at all for feeling like this.
    when i took lizzie (and dd1) out when they were being bottle fed and it was baby led (so when they were hungry rather than in a routine) i use to make up her feeds before going out for 24 hours (i know its not recommended) or as you say you can use a ready carton. i use to pack a flask of hot water and a small jug just big enough to pop some of the hot water and bottle in and then when she was hungry i would put some hot water from the flask into the beaker and warm the bottle. you can buy small flasks and a plastic beaker to pop it in. this way her bottle was there and warm and iu didnt have to try and find a cafe (and then find out they wont allow you to have a jug of water?!)
    hope this helps a little bit xx
  • ddnt leave the house for 2 weeks after my baby was born. at all. i had a homebirth so i didnt even have to come home from hospital! i just spent the time at home feeding the baby and looking after her. let your husband do the shopping, or do it online. and dont worry about getting out. enjoy your baby.
  • You are not daft and it really gets so much easier!!! I used to take freddie in the pram and if he was crying and not hungry I used to have a sling with me too and put him in there and then he used to relax or sleep.

    Honestly hun you will feel in control in a very short time, just plan for a few stops on your trip xx
  • i used to get really self conscious when my boy cried in public as i look quite young id get looks off people!
    It takes everyone a little time to get into the swing of things, im sure even people who have had babies before have issues as every baby is different.
    Just give yourself a chance and im sure you'll get the swing of outings soon xx
  • Hi, it sounds like you're doing great! In the beginning I just did very short trips out straight after baby had taken a big feed (I breastfed but it's the same). If I felt confident he would be asleep for an hour then that's how long I'd go out for. I remember going out for lunch with him when he was 2 weeks and it was so stressful for me and him, looking back I don't know why I went out as much as I did.
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