Is it early for her to do this?

Yesterday, at exactly 5 weeks old, my husband put Lily on her playmat on her tum and after having a good look about for a minute or so, the little madam pushed on the floor with her arms and rolled over onto her back. We turned her over again and she did it again!

I had no idea I'd have to watch her so closely so early - I thought I had weeks until she no longer stayed exactly where she was put!


  • Ahh bless her, what a clever girl. Isaac was a lazy lil monkey and he didnt roll over till he was about 6 months, then he realized he didnt like it so he didnt do it again :lol:

    She soulds like my 4 year old who rolled at about 6 weeks then by 5 months had learnt to roll over and over to get from one end of the room to the other, she then crawled at 6 months and walked at 10 months, certainly kept me on my toes. xx
  • Well done Lily!!! Frankie has just learnt how to do this at 11 weeks so i would say 5 weeks is quite early. At that age Frankie wouldnt even lie on her tummy without crying cos she hates it so much.
  • Bless! What a clever girl!

    Louise can roll from her back to front but only rarely from her fron to back, she's very nearly 6 months.

    She's a very sttrong little girl!

  • Definitely quite early! Beth rolled front-to-back for the first time at 10 weeks. I think it depends a lot on how much tummy time you give them.

    You won't have to worry too much until she can roll back-to-front as well though, Bethany learned that just before xmas at 19 weeks and now there is no stopping her!!
  • They are all so different but that is amazing Im weirdly jealous as my 8 month old never does it, we have a heart attack when he does lol as he can't be bothered prefers to sit up with me and play!
  • Ooh thanks! I feel strangely chuffed even though it's nothing I've done! I hadn't even started reading up on what they can be expected to do when as I thought I had a few months before anything much happened....

    Dear god, let's hope she has more trouble with going from back to front - my nappy changing still isn't very slick :roll:
  • I can see the headlines now...

    Lily Toothbrush "Super Baby" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • :lol: at Joo! Lily Toothbrush, Stroppy Baby is more like it!

    Honestly, I went to a local "new baby" group today & compared to the rest of them who sat there looking angelic, or grizzling a bit, Lily was a right little madam - her lower lip wobbles & she goes puce in the face tand thrashes about like a crazy woman the minute I put her down. Needless to say, she sat on my lap the whole time!
  • millie rolls from her back to tummy, then tries to crawl but gets mad cos she cant! shes just started to roll to her tummy then back onto her back but the other way so she moves eeek i hope she doesnt start rolling everwhere haha, u def have a strong baby there hehe xx
  • justin was about 7 weeks and maya 9 weeks

    charlie is 9 weeks at the moment and hates being on his tummy x
  • justin was about 7 weeks and maya 9 weeks

    charlie is 9 weeks at the moment and hates being on his tummy x
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