depo injection and bleeding

hi ladies

had a depo injection for the first time 3 months ago and have been bleeding ever since, anyone else experienced this ? its doing my head in, am even on mini-pill aswell to stop the bleeding but it hasn't helped.



  • Same thing happened to me, was on depo for a year and basically bled on and off for the whole year. Each time I went to ask about not getting it/changing to the pill the GP said the bleeding would prob settle down andto try another! It was a year of misery as aswell as the bleeding it made me like a woman possessed...angry all the time!!! Won't be going back on that, it's a shame though as it's a great idea.

    The bleeding does settle for some people, not sure how long it takes though. I think it means your body is sensitive to the hormones.

    Hope it settles for u soon x
  • Hey hun...not sure if you remember me posting but I had this for the first injection. The nurse suggested trying again and it has eased off. I have now stopped bleeding but it took the first 4 months. I think its different for everyone though xxx
  • I have the other problem! I was told i would have on/off bleeding for first 3 months but i had my depo 7 days before af was due and af never turned up and still hasnt over 4 weeks later!
    When I was on mini pill I had bleeding all the time and thats why I went onto the depo, could the pill be making it worse?
  • I used to get Depo injections and I too never stopped bleeding for the 10months I had them. They tried various pills with me to control it, but nothing worked and in the end I was fed up with being such an emotional wreck so stopped using it. Took about half a year to get my body back to normal afterwards...
    It seems to be one of those contraceptives that just doesn't work with everyone's natural hormone balance.

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  • After my first Depo injection I had spotting for about a month, but not full-on bleeding, then no bleeding at all after that, and I was on it 5 years - it might be worth another go to see if it settles down, but I'd probably run out of patience if it still hadn't settled down by 6 months!
  • I had this for the whole 9 months I was on depo. Think some folk just aren't good with hormonal contraceptives x
  • Hi

    The doctor recommended I had another one to see if it settles down, so will see what happens in the next 12 weeks. I wish to god I had just stayed with the pill, at least you know where you are with that !!! Just with baby brain I didn't want to forget to take it.

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