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Hi Ladies,

I'm gatecrashing from pregnancy but wanted to ask you all about your hospital bags. i'm 34 weeks pregnant and have begun putting my bag together but sure I've forgotten things. What I wanted to know was did you take anything which you didn't use? Likewise did you not take something that you wished you had?

Thanks in advance,

Cas. X


  • Hi Cas.
    I took a hand held fan and even though it was the hottest day of 2008 (28th July) and in the 30's, never used it! I took pretty much everything and so don't think I missed anything, I definitely took too many clothes for Ruby, even though we were in for 3 days! I didn't use the magazines and books, too exciting during labour and just staring at lo afterwards was enough to keep me occupied!

    Oh, I did wish I'd taken some coins for the television. I only thought that briefly though as then I realised I had far too much else to do!

    A good tip - some antibacterial wipes for the toilet seats. They were not always as clean as you would like and I got that tip from someone on here and it was a godsend!

    Good luck!. xxx

  • socks. i spent 3 nights in hospital as my lo was born at 32+5weeks and was in scbu. spending all day in slippers with no sock you can imagine the smell.

    dark coloured pj's for obvious reasons
    long nights if your wearing them, its quite difficult getting in and out of bed so long nights cover your modesty
  • Take paracetamol or ibuprofen. Waiting for a nurse to bring you some tablets takes forever!!

  • Take disposable knickers and hair bands if you have long hair! x
  • Enough stuff for you to be in for a few days like face wipes, shampoo and conditioner, i took some curl spray to put in my hair after washing it so even though i couldn't dry it, it didn't naturally dry all over the place so made me feel better for my visitors!!!. I took loads for the baby (which i didn't need) and forgot a lot of my stuff like not enough knickers and nightdresses and stuff and no slippers which were essential. Oh one tip for baby stuff, not sure if you've been given any idea how big your baby is but we bought new baby size stuff but actually although he wasn't tiny (7lb 4oz) , the stuff we had was massive of him so maybe buy a couple of tiny baby items just in case him/her is a bit dinky. Good luck x x
  • I found cartons of juice (apple) were great when she had me up all night, gave me a bit more energy than water would have. I also had a thing for fizzy cola laces, again good for a sugary perk when needed. I was in for 6 days after her birth and didn't take anywhere near enough clothes with me, for either of us. I forgot to take a cardigan for her so she was constantly wrapped in blankets, I had no idea really what I needed for her!
  • cordial so you don't have to drink water all the time..or maybe its just me that hates water.
    plenty of pairs of pj's - hospital beds are horrid and sweaty and i wished i had enough for clean every night.
    travel sized shampoo etc was handy as its enough for a few days stay but doesnt take too much space
    lipsalve for labour (tip from on here image)
    antibacterial wipes definately good for the toilets (although my hosp provided them)

    wish i'd taken flip flops for the shower
    my own pillow - hospital ones rustle horribly

    I found it nice to take our own blankets for lo so he was under a nice blanket rather than hospital ones
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