Baby number 2

I have a slight dilema.:\? OH and I have agreed to try for baby number 2 (number 4 for him), Freya is 7.5 months. But he wants to wait till we have made a life changing desission. We could be moving from Sussex to South Wales, but it wouldn't be till Oct/Nov time if we decide to go. He said he would like to wait till we have decided and if we go to wait till after we have moved and settled. Which does make sence. But my dilema is we had unprotected sex (sorry tmi) last night (was waiting to have the coil fitted but have changed my mind now we agreed for number 2) and now he wants me to go to gp and get morning after pill. I no we should have been more careful. I'm not so sure I want to tho.:\( I have my suspissions that I could be pg but af isn't due for another 2 weeks....its just a feeling I have, (we use the pull out method from time to time (sorry tmi again)) I would be over the moon if I was, oh would be happy but concerned about the practical stuff. He doesn't know about my suspissions and I don't want to tell him till I no for sure. Its too early for me to do a test. I have to go to gp for other reason this afternoon anyway and will talk to him.

I no I should tell oh, but I feel better for getting it of my chest. Thanks for reading


  • aww *big hug*
    i wouldn't want morning after pill either, i feel that was done is done and if you caught then it was meant to be! obviously if you wouldn't want another l/o then you *could* take the m-a pill.
    i understand that it isn't as you and o/h planned but it wouldn't be *that* bad would it?!! if you are pg then l/o wouldn't arrive til you'd moved house anyway.

    did you tell o/h that you weren't keen on m-a pill?
    good luck hun xx.
  • I feel the same, whats done is done. I haven't told him that I don't want to take it. Pg is a little bit of a touchy subject at the moment. He has said when we have had baby number 2 he going for the chop (he is 38, i'm 23) and I don't really want him too so I advoid the subject like the plage. I have told him I don't what him too but he just wants to talk about it. I no we should talk about it, but I got more immediate things to think about. I'm not even sure weather to move or not. We would be 100% financially better off moving and the place we would be moving to is gorgeous, but I would leave my support network behind. And I feel guilty taking my Mums only grandchild away.

    Thanks hun
    X X X
  • I took the m-a-pill and regret it image Never mind nothing I can do about it now.
  • oh hun! why did you take it? poor you! i took it the other week but i wanted too im on the pill but we usually use a condom too but we didnt so although chance of me getting pg was minute i still wanted ma pil to be sure! xx
  • Not really sure why I took it. I new oh wanted me too but he never pressured me too and would have understood if I didn't take it.
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