My son is 17 weeks going on 18 weeks old and will not go to sleep untill we go to bed!!. Has anyone got any ideas how i can get him to go to sleep before we go to bed?. please help my oh and i don't get anytime to ourselves!!.:\?

thankyou for your help cordy.


  • Do you follow a bath bedtime routine with him?
  • yes but it just seems to wake him up more!!
  • If you were to do bath etc then give him his bottle in a darkened room followed by a nice rock and a cuddle would he drift off? Does he sleep in the same room as you?

    Sorry for all the questions!
  • i bath him in the bath with me, then dress him in our room with a dim light and feed im in complete darkness but he will still not sleep!!.

    And yes he does sleep in our room!!.

    It's ok to ask questions!
  • How about not letting him sleep any later than 4-5 in the afternoon? that should make him really tired by the time you give him bed and bath.

    I really sympathise, Neve took ages to get the hang of going to bed and as much as you love them you just feel desperate to be on your own!
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