graco travel systems???? opinions please!

hi ladies and babies
i'm only 4 and a half months but ive spotted a fab deal on graco travel system - wondered if any of you had one and if so were you pleased with it etc... obvs i have time so if i hear lots of negs i'll wait and find sth better!!
one iv seen is choc lime

thanks in advance
jane n bump


  • I have the Graco Mosaic and it's pretty good for the price. We don't use the car seat very often as we don't drive but I use the pushchair a lot and never had any problems with it. It's quite lightweight and it folds down easily.
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  • i've got the graco quattro tour delux and cant wait to use it. my sister has had a graco travel system before whihc is what made me want to get one.
  • thanks ladies
    really helpful
    think i may order it tm - yeah!!
  • I have the Graco Quattro Tour travel system from my first lo and think it is fab, he was a winter baby so I got the carrycot thing to go with it which turned it into a cosy pram. I'm due my next one in June when my first lo will be 16 months old so I am getting the Graco Quattro Tour Duo which is the sturdest tandem we have found, plus it collapses down to the nearly the same size as our current travel system.

    I think the Graco stuff is fab and really well priced. xx
  • I have the Mothercare version of the Quattro Tour Deluxe and I love it! I have the cot insert and used it constantly for 5 months until she outgrew it, everyone said how snug she looked in it. I agree with everything already said, huge shopping basket, easy to push and reassuringly solid and safe. It is bulky and quite heavy, but I can fit it in the boot of my Yaris so it could be worse! It's smaller than my Hauck travel system and the in car base for the car seat is a godsend and definitely worth having if you travel by car!

    Good choice, I'm sure you'll be chuffed to bits with it!

    Corinna x
  • I have the Graco Mirage travel system which is a bit different to the tour deluxe cos it doesn't face you and doesn't have a carrycot insert. However, I would buy it 1000 times over as I lurve it!
    Pros -
    -It's cheap (we got it for ??119), It's so light and VERY easy to push around....Gabe (my lo) has always been very comfy in it and the straps are very secure, it's also dead easy to take the seat cushions off to wash, folds down very simply (though you do need 2 hands), car seat connects easily, big shopping basket.

    -Doesn't face you (some people dont like this especially for a newborn, but we had no probs, he has always slept in it anyway), only has 2 seat positions (lied flat and sat up...which is fine for my 9 month old but rubbish for a 4 month old when they can't be properly upright but don't like being flat either)
  • ive got the mosaic and i would reccmend it! its compact and very easy to manouvre, you can walk without kicking the back of it, and the handles are a nice height. (some i find too low). the bad points are that it doesnt lay completely flat, and without the car seat baby cant face you. i think the pro's outweigh the cons though. xx
  • We have the Mosaic too and I think it's fab. It's so easy to put up & down (one handed), it moves smoothly and the car seat fits easily. If I had to pick a fault with it it would be that the basket underneath isn't really that big which can be a pain but other than that I love my Mosaic & so does Abi xxx

  • hi babe i have had graco quatro tour deluxe travel system, the graco mirage travl system and now have a maclaren pram.

    they quatro tour pram is realy good, its bulky and if you use buse's or any public transport its a major hassle as where usually 2buggies will fit on london bus'es with this pram only it will fit and i used to end up waiting sometimes for next bus if the bus was busy or another pram on board.pan n the arse for me, but if i wasnt using the bus i loved that pram and still use it for out walking or short journeys, as its big, comfy, and great suspension on lo dont feel a bump.i could go shoping and put six bi plastic bags of shopping under neath,basket is massive! it has clock and temperature next to handles, one hand fold (big folded and very heavy- wont fit in small cars)

    the graco mirage is good as its smaller but i taught it looked kinda bany to be honest.i hate when bars lookall bare and the basket was shit for hldin alot of shopping. It just didnt meet me needs walking around london, and without the carseat connected it looked cheap and had no real design to it.then again im a bit of a obsessive on prams i worked selling them for a living.

    my fave pram at mo is the silvercross 3d pram.absolutely amazing.has everything you need and looks fantastic.havent used it myself as waiting for lo to get big enouh for just maclaren pram (small & easy).
    but three mates have it and not 1 compliant. 1 person brought one back to store saying it hard to unfold and fold again (the chasis splits in half on these prams) but it was broken and once under a year they replaced immediately. they have great warranty and actually keep to there promise, and if they have to take it in for repair they will get shop to provide replacement until you get yours back.x

    hold that helps.if you need any more help just ask.x
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