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I took Poppy for her 6 week check today (she is 7 weeks) and I mentioned a few symptoms she's been showing that all seem to point to her being either lactose intolerant or suffering from a dairy allergy (which I do as well as my gran and mum and it can be genetic). He has told me to try Nutrimigen formula for a month and see if it reduces her symptoms at all. If it does then she'll be referred to a paediatrician dietician and if not then her problems are not allergy related. My question is does anyone here have any experience of this formula and can you tell me if I'll have to pay for it as it is being provided to me on a prescription from her doctor??
Thank you!!


  • both of my friends children are on this as they are lactose intolerant and its free on perscription her eldest is allmost 2 and is still getting it for free sorry i cant help much more x
  • my son is on this & like others have said, smells & tastes like crap but a baby with a allergies will drink it without a lot, if any, complaint as it wont be causing them any discomfort or pain. My lo sucks it down without complain & I use it to make his food too as he is weaning. If it is being prescribed then it will be free as the prescription is in lo's name & under 16's get free prescriptions.
  • Thank you for your replies - I had had a look at a few websites and they said that it was ??13 per tub but that may have been for the second stage milk I'm not sure. If it helps her then I'd pay whatever was necessary but obviously if the doctor is prepared to prescribe it then so much the better!!
    I'm hoping that it isn't an allergy or intolerance as it's such a pain in the neck, I've had the allergy since birth and it's not nice. Perhaps all the other symptoms that she is displaying are related to something else and I've just read too much into things!
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