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the harness on the Mamas & Papas Pramette

Hi, has anyone got this m&p pliko pramette? We are using it in pram mode at the minute as our baby girl is only 16 weeks but i have noticed when it is in pushchair mode the harness is a floating harness, i.e. the back of it is not attached to the back seat of the pushchair therefore when baby sits in she can lean right forward! If you have this can you please check to see if yours is like this? I have checked in the instruction book and the picture of it on the front shows that the harness should be attached to the back seat of the pushchair??:\? Thanks Mel xx


  • I've got a pramette, still using it in pram mode as my LO is only 4 weeks. I'll have a look and let you know what my harness is like
  • I've just checked mine out and it's exactly the same as you describe, also my instruction book shows that it is attached to the back to the pram. If I had my time again, I would not have bought anything mamas and papas. I've got the car seat and it's c**p
  • Thanks for checking it out. I totally agree with you, what a pile of shite! The basket on the pram is a waste of space too!
  • Hi girls, I've got the pramette and yes the harness it loose, however if you look at the back of the harness you'll see a small piece of plastic that will 'hook' into the little space on the back rest. I thought it was a stupid design but I actually had no problems once its on my little girl...but you do need to hook it on most times. Hope this helps.

  • ive got the mamas and paps aria or whatever its called. it was ??70 with raincover and footmuff and changing bag.. but. the middle bit of the staps where the sides clip into if you know what i mean... has been put on the wrong way round.
    if i do it up the way its on there its really hard to get undone so i have to twist the strap to get it done up properly

    i agree m&p is cack!
    and there was no way i was gonna pay bloody ??100 for the car seat thats only useful up to 9 months!
  • Hiya. I have got this three wheeler from m&p. Before using it, it looks great. But, i dont think it is like it says for use from birth. I won't recommend this to anyone as the car seat that comes with it can only last me up to max 4 months. The padding that is attached to the car seat for baby can not be removed. I regretted going for the look.
  • Do not think any first stage car seat is worth the moneyI have the silver cross 3d and ithas onlylasted 10 weeks and had to go back for repair...
  • I looked today and couldn't see anywhere to 'hook' the harness to on the seat to hold shoulders back. Should there be a hole in the material?
    Also pramette is crap for a babe that likes to sleep on their tummy and .... Tom's big bro strapped him into the car seat this week and pinched his leg. Hate it !!!
  • I've had exactly the same problem. Tried to convert it to pushchair today and i can't see anywhere to 'hook' the harness on the seat!! Also had same problem with car seat only it was me who pinched his leg! (feel like such a bad mum!) I also think its cr*p for him to sleep in as his head just flops forward and is almost on his knees!!
    Sorry rant over!!
  • I've bought an old fashioned silvercross to use at home in the garden and he LOVES it. He stretches right out to sleep and when awake he's got lots of space to have his toys around him. No good for going out but wish I'd bought a cheaper pram/buggy for that, the M & P is a waste of cash.
  • I've checked and checked this again and again and there is definitely no 'hook' to attach the harness so theres nothing left to do but visit the m&p shop where i bought it and ask them. I'm so intrigued as to where this hook is to go. I'll post back to let you know what happens. xx
  • MelBee

    Let me know how you get on, If there is a fault them mines going back to where I bought it from
  • Hi, I was the one who mentioned a hook. Sorry didn't make myself clear! On my pram these is a little plastic piece at the back of the harness where the straps join and this hooks into a small piece of fabric that is sewn into the centre of the backrest. Mines black and about 3 cm wide...god what sort of chat is this turning into!!!! image Anyway... if yours hasnt got this then I'd definately take it back and ask them as they must have changed the design in past 9 months.
  • I've had another look at mine and there absolutly nothing to hook it into. The frame of my pram is black, I know that the previous model was sliver and black
  • I looked at my neighbours and she has a fabric loop to hook the harness into as Est14 describes but it is def not on mine which was bought in Feb this year. I'm going to ask the shop!
  • Hi,
    This is the response I goy when I e-mailed the shop about the harness... hope it helps

    "This is correct. The otriginal tab that your friend speaks about was there to hold the harness in place when fastening the child to the pushchair. However, many customers used it as an anchor point and as a result many of these tabs came loose and some even ripped the seat fabric hence the reason why they have dispensed with them now. Mamas and Papas harnesses have always been loose (shoulder straps not coming from the backrest) and they reason that the child has movement forward and backwards but as long as the 'plastic bit' is pulled right up the harness to keep them over the child shoulders then the child has freedom of movement but cannot fall out"

  • Hey good job well done emailing them ljgreg! What a crappy design though! Why the hell don't they just put the harness attached to the bloody backrest...GGGGRRRRR! I really wished I'd thought about this before I'd bought it.
  • This is my first baby and when you start buying things you don't realise how impractical things can be, it's only when your LO's are here and you start using things that you begin to realise just how crap some thing are!!!
  • So does this mean it's not a 5-point harness as described ?????
  • Its described as a 'floating' 5 point harness!!! Why do they have to be different!
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