Sorry, loads of weaning questions

Archie is 17wks now and I'm hoping to wait another couple of weeks before I start weaning. So I did some reading and got my Annabel Karmel book out and now I've got loads of questions.
- Did you just give lo one meal a day for a wee while until they were a bit older ?
- when did you start introducing purees etc. A few days of baby rice then move on ?
- Baby rice. All the packets have confusing instructions. Is it one teaspoon to one oz of breast milk or formula ?
- What time of day did you give 1st meal ? Did you give it with a bottle or inbetween feeds ? I was thinking of starting at tea time, he has afternoon bottle about 3.30. So I thought I could try feeding solids at 6ish as he has bath at 6.30 and then bottle before bed. That way OH can help out too. Or should I do it during the day. I'm probably most confused about this.
- Where did you get food/ice cube trays. I can't find any anywhere.
Thanks girls. Suz xx


  • i started at 5 and a half months, i personally chose lunch time to start giving the first meal, and for about 3days i gave babyrice alone, the first day she wasn't so sure, then the second ate some nicely, and the 3rd day gobbled it down - i then started to add some fruit puree to the rice... then moved onto veg purees on there own.

    I ignored the babyrice instructions completely, just poured some into a bowl and added milk until it got to a nice consistency!!

    i always offered food about an hour after a bottle to make sure she was hungry enough for it.

    i just bought a normal ice cube tray from the supermarket, i think they are smaller than the purpose made ones... but they worked alright for me, i just always added an extra cube or two if needs be!
  • Hi hun. Our baby rice etc says one feeding spoon of rice or porridge, then 3 feeding spoons of milk or water. Now we just mix it without the instructions to make it thicker as we're used to how he likes it.

    I have heard you should offer it in the mornings so that if it upsets their tummy, you won't be up all night with them. I offered Riley his closer to lunchtime. He now has porridge for breakfast at 8. With the purees, we introduced them after 3 days of baby porridge, as he was 6 months so have been told you need to di it quickly. A friend of my did baby rice for a week, then rice with puree carrot in for a week, then rice with brocolli for a week and so on.

    I feed him (milk) then give his food an hour-hour and a half later and this works for us. He didnt take hardly anything at first, buthe loves it now. He does prefer his finger food though as he oves to feed himself. Good luck with the weaning. I recommend one of those bibs with the arms (although not the material ones as they are harder to clean!) xxx
  • I started Gabe at 4 months and he only had 1 meal a day till he was 5 months...just a couple of spoons of food.

    You don't actually have to give baby rice at all - personally I wouldn't even bother with it...not on its own anyway as it's such a boring taste. Banana and sweet potato (not together! haha) are good purees to start with, or baby cereals.

    Making baby rice with the instructions seems to make it waaay too thick, personally I would just keep adding a little formula and mixing until you get the consistency you want, nice and smooth but not runny.

    I gave the meal inbetween feeds. I gave it in the morning, personally I think its the best way as if the rice gives them an upset tum, it won't be at night waking them up! lol! He had his bottle at 7am then some food at 8 or 9 am. We still do it this way and he's nearly 9 months.

  • I just started my lo on baby rice yesterday, and i did it at his 11am feed. Unlike the other girls on here i give it to him straight after his feed (he's bf) and he still eats it - i thought if i waited an hour it would a. interfere with his naps and he'd be too tired to entertain it, and b. i would feel like all i spent my day doing was feeding in one form or other lol.

    With baby rice i was doing a teaspoon of rice to an oz of milk, but it was too runny so i reduced it today to about 2/3rds of an ounce, and it was still too runny, so will reduce it more tomorrow. Am going to stick to rice for a week then start on pear and carrot.

    LO is 19 weeks btw x
  • We started weaning Darcy just over a week ago so still pretty new to it but this is what we do...

    We started last Sunday (20 and a half weeks!) with some baby rice. We followed the instructions of 1 spoon rice to 10 spoons milk which was ok for the first go but a bit runny so I have been putting a little less milk in each time to make it thicker but no more rice as I have read that foods should only be a "taster" before 6 months. I intended on only giving her 1 teaspoon full but she loved it and kept opening her mouth for more so she ended up having all of it (was about 4/5 teaspoonfuls I think, I only put a little bit on the edge of the spoon each time)

    We gave it her after her 11.30 milk feed as others have said it if upsets baby's tummy hopefully they will feel better by bedtime. You need to be careful that the rice doesn't replace the milk so try after a feed. I thought Darcy might be full up but she has happily eaten most of whatever I have given her after a milk feed. We carried in with just one baby rice feed at lunchtime for 3 days and then started giving her baby rice at about 5.30/6 pm as well which was nice as Daddy gets to do this feed when he gets home from work.

    This weekend we started giving carrot puree at lunch and baby rice in the evening. We did this for three days and today tried sweet potato puree at lunchtime. We are still just doing baby rice in the evening.

    I have got the Gina Ford contented baby book of weaning as after a few days of baby rice I was unsure of what to do. It is quite regimented but suits me fine as I was unsure what to do myself. I don't always agree with what she says and don't always follow it but I find it useful as a guide.

    We bought covered portion trays from babies r us to put in the freezer.

    Sorry for such a long post. Hope it is useful xx
  • Hey,

    I started weaning Louise at 4 months, starting with baby rice and then moving onto purees and baby cereals. She's 6 months now and has a mix of purees and finger foods with the occasional jar meal.

    I gave her 1 meal a day for a few weeks, then 2 for a few weeks then introduced the third. I tried starting with breakfast but found that lunch was a better and more relaxed time. You can choose any time of the day that your lo is happy but try not to do it too close to bed incase it upsets your lo's tummy.

    As for mixing baby rice, you can mix it how you want, my lo prefered it thicker rather than runny but the idea is that to begin with itis runny like milk. Not all babies like baby rice and my lo's not too keen on it.

    You shouldn't give it when they are very hungry so either in between a feed or after a feed - I used to wait about 30mins after a feed - you have to find out what works best for you and your lo.

    I use little pots I spotted in Tescos months ago for purees as I can feed lo straight from them!

  • I gave Evan pureed pear then veg as he wouldnt have the rice - give it at about 11ish and just take it slow, give one meal for a couple of weeks or if you notice that bubs is getting hungry give an extra meal - be led by them really, but there is no need to rush
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