Please support my new business venture!

Hello lovely ladies

I have recently set up The Cupcake Clothing Company and am drumming up support and business as I speak so please help me to get off the ground by "Liking" my facebook page...and placing an order if you like! My clever geeky husband is doing my website too which will be launched very soon!

Thank you

Anneka xxx


  • I love it!!! Gorgeous stuff, I will definitely be ordering something once my friend's baby arrives and I know whether it's a boy or a girl! I've added you to my page's favourites, I'm LumaLee Accessories! x x x
  • Love it, have liked and put a link to my page x
  • Thanks ladies...I will link your pages.x
  • I really like them - I would probably be more likely to buy for a friend as a gift if they were a bit bigger with more goodies - don't know if this is something you'd look at so that one cupcake contains a vest, bib, sleepsuit, bootees, hat for example? Really love the idea xx
  • Yes these are all ideas I have thought about Apple Pie...really started last October when I made my sister a nappy cake when my niece was born. So have thought about making smaller versions of these which would be able to post easily.

    But as I'm just starting out obviously just want to see what happens before I get too adventurous and buy in lots of stock!.x
  • G/C as saw this on the homepage-I think they are lovely and will bear you in mind in future, and if I EVER get pg again for a gift for my 'big sister' dd.
  • Love the picture! We've got some real creative entrepeneurs on this forum! lol - you'll all be queing up to go on Dragon's Den in no time!! image xxx
  • I just liked it, they're great, i really like the idea of the big sister tshirt my 2nd is due 14/10/10 any chance of having a look at a pic of the t.shirt and getting one b4 that date ?
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