How can I stop him scratching himself??

Every day Benajmin seems to have a new scratch on his face. He is 3.5mnths old and I just filed his nails yesterday and he has done it again last night....anyone got any tips????? :\?


  • I have the same problem, she had a horrible scratch on her cheek earlier this week that is still healing image She has quite big hands and likes to put her fist in her mouth so not had much success with mitts, but she hasn't grumbled too much about the sleepsuits with built in fold over mitts so maybe you could try those? xx
  • Hi, Toby has been the same since he was born and he's now nearly 7 months! When he was little swaddling worked best. Scratch mitts are useless, the sleepsuits with integral scratchmitts are fab though (I like the Next ones best but lots of places sell them). Unfortunately most only do the integral scratchmitts up to 6 months and my big boy has way outgrown those so we are back to lots of scratches every day image

    We are no longer swaddling so he only option left for us is socks on his hands!! He just pulls them off with his mouth though.

    I keep his nails super short but it doesn't really matter how short they are, if they scratch hard enough they will break the skin.

    Sorry not much help but as your LO is still little thought I would recommend swaddling and sleepsuits with mitts.

    C image
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