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Need some advice my lo is 15weeks and sleeps through the night but last night she fell asleep at 6.45 for 3/4 hour she was really tired but then i struggled for her to go down at normal bedtime but she was still tired. anyway what time do you let your lo fall asleep before they go to be

bit long winded i know sorry!


  • Gabe naps as and when really, but we stopped his nap before bedtime because he always thought it WAS bedtime (his last nap was at about 5pm) and would sleep until 5am the next morning so we'd always end up waking him from it and then he wouldn't sleep through, so we just dropped that nap as he didn't need it.
    He sleeps a lot better now cos he's tired out when we put him down to bed. He is 8.5 months...
  • What time is bedtime? Barney is 6 months and he is awake from his last nap no later than 5.30, he goes to bed at 7.30. He doesn't always have this nap now, it just depends how long he sleeps for at lunch time.
  • Charlotte is 1 and is in bed at 7.30. She doesn't normally have an afternoon nap now but when she did I wouldn't let her sleep after 4pm.
  • I tend to just see how the day goes as it's always different. His bedtime is anywhere between 6 and 7.30, so if he's tired around 5, I let him nap for a short time, then bath him when he wakes up and pop him back into bed which he's fine with. If he doesnt get tired till 6, then I start bath time etc when I notice he's getting grumpy and he goes straight to bed for the night, waking for feeds. xxx
  • How do u stop ur lo from napping if they r tired??
  • thanks becky only 16 weeks so dont think i can stop her napping but i am going to try and keep her awake if she has not had a nap at 6.30pm her bedtime is usally 8 ish it all depends on how she is
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