What do you do to lose weight?

Hi girls before we had Connor oh used to do loads of exercise but with Connor not being the best sleeper oh just doesnt have the energy and is getting really down about it because hes putting weight back on. Hes also a comfort eater which doesnt help him.
Do you girls have any advice please? i hate seeng him down!



  • I have bought wii fit - Alfie loves watching me!! But other than that it's hard this time of year, especially when the routines not there enough for you to feel energised!! lol! If nothing else, ust don't buy the junk food when shopping, we are starting to plan the weeks meals in advance too and that way a takeaway is less likely! Sorry - not much help am i?
  • How about finding some healthy snacks he loves and just give him them? fruit is full of natural sugars which will give him energy too.

    We also have a wii fit and must get my dh on it over the weekend!

    My dh walks to the train station and back everyday which is 2 miles away so thats were he gets his exercise from.

    You can burn many calories from having sex! :lol:
  • HMMM.... Last time I lost a load of weight (from a size 22 to 16 in less that 2 months) I just trained myself to eat 4 small meals a day, limited the amount of bread I ate, and tried to walk more. My problem comes when my mood drops and I get depressed, as I skip meals (some days I have been known to just have a soup or a small sandwich all day) Also I tend to forget to drink.I find that that is when I pile all of my weight back on. I have been a yo-yo dieter in the past but now refuse to do them as they are only short term fixes.

    Have a Wii fit - have never met any of my targets and have never lost weight using it, but it is fun, LOL.

    Have done the gym thing in the past as well - stuck with it quite a while but it didnt work either LOL.

    I am now a semi happy size 22 with very little time on my hands, but I intend to start swimming with LO and OH when it gets warmer.

    O and if I felt hungry between meals I would pig out on fruit as I love it. Think it got a bit out of hand when I was pregnant though, I had gestational diabetes and the dietician said I needed to drastically cut my intake to only 3 pieces a day.LOL. Think I was having about 3-4 times this LOL.

    Sorry for not being much help.

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  • How old is lo?? Get him to take him to soft play - blimey what a work out! I went today with my friend and her 13.5 mo old...we took the 2 boys in together, then she took her Lo back in seperately cos he was getting fussy while I fed Gabe, then she held Gabe and I took her Lo back in and god it was hard work chasing after him and trying to stop him diving head first down the massive tunnel slides!!!! I was sweating when I came out.
  • I use the wii fit.
    also not eating after 6pm really helps as well x
  • unfortunately the only thing that seems to help me lose weight is a proper diet - i do WW, but i do get such a buzz when i stand on the scales and i've lost weight! it does spur me on to continue doing it.

    like trueman tho' i am a Yo-Yo dieter, and i often think when i lose weight, i mean it this time, i wont put it back on, but i do. i'll see how it goes this time, and i have my plan staked out - when i reach my "goal" - another 8lbs, i'll diet during the week, and at weekend eat normally. it is probably not the best way to do it, but if i can keep at the weight i want to be, yet not deprive myself.....

    i hope he bucks up soon for you all!
  • hhhmmmmm Ollier!!!

    Diet during the week - not sure have seen evidence of this at Slatteries or Pizza Hut pmsl!!!

    I am one of the desperate to lose weight gang and like Trueman have had days where have eaten nothing but a bowl of something in the evening but then I binge so that really doesnt work.

    This time I am trying to cut out the junk food and trying to eat properly at regular times but if I want something then I am not going to deprive myself but so far have managed 48 hours without chocolate or cake! I am substituting my "comfort" food for mullerlites and pieces of fruit and at the minute its working. Also getting the support on here is motivation at the mo too - why not get him to join us on our weigh-ins!!!

    The Wii fit is how I am exercising at the minute but when the weather turns warmer I want to get out and about with the walking and other stuff.

    I just asked my OH how he would do it and his helpful advise was "I stop eating crap" - I suppose he does do this unless I am on a diet and he fills the house with it so am afraid hes not much help to either of us.

    Maybe if you make sure there isnt much "comfort" food in and only healthy type snacks it might help him.

  • Thanks girls youve been a big help. Oh as for the sex - HA HA! lol
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