None of my business?????

its not iilegal to give medised to a child under 2 but its not "recommended" i think this was due to people doing exactly what your neighbour is doing. can you not research the side effects and bring the conversation up again and tell her what they are? you cant tell someone whether or not to smoke, swear etc in front of their children however if they are pissed then that is unlawful drunk in charge of a minor. personally id mind my own business and keep myself to myself UNLESS i knew for a fact that the children are coming to harm. then id tell the appropriate authorities but id tell her first.


  • Medised is for 3+ months it says on the box. We use it for Gabe if he is really bad w/ teething or poorly etc. But using it every night for a 6 week old to sleep through is awful...I don't know what you can do though honey xx
  • hi hun this is a tough one , im not sure the signals should be ignored but im also not sure u should get ureself directly involved , its not illegal to give medised but it isnt meant as a means to make ure child sleep we al know that eh .....i had terrible neighbours last year , i could hear them screaming at there newborn baby to shut the f**k up and also heard them talkin about a gun in the house etc, i didnt want to get directly involved but i just mentioned it to my hv casually and said i was worried about the goings on in the house , she said the authorities were aware and thanked me also sayin she wouldnt mention i had seen her ,but u could drop it in a conversation with ure hv maybe dont say much but mention the medised thing dont say it like ure stirring trouble more like a curious (perhaps a little nieve )mum thats what i do when im unsure of details surrounding medicines and other people i act dumb lol sorry not much help xxxxxxxxx
  • If it were me I would either tell your hv if she is a good one, or else I would phone crimestoppers and tell them there are illegal drugs in the house. You can phone them anonamously, andif they then felt the children were at risk due to the drugs then they would do something about it.
  • I agree with Bedhead. I would phone crimestoppes and wait and see what happens.

  • If a parent is swearing at their children, using substances illegal or not and giving a baby medicine every night so it will sleep then I personally feel that these parents do not have their childrens best intrests at heart and ultimatly this is child abuse, both in terms of emotional abuse and neglect. Phone your local social services department for help. I strongly believe that you care about these children and that you would feel responsable if something ever happened to them, your neighbour may have been joking but In this day and age I dont think anyone should take things like this lightly.And yes I believe that it totally is your business .
  • I know everyone had said its not illegal to give medised to a baby but surely it is illegal to drug a baby constantly so that you can sleep???

    I would also phone social services. You can do it anonymously. They will know whether or not it is worth investigating. You have to think about how you would feel if something happened to the baby and you could have prevented it.

    I have been in a similar situation as our neighbours left their 3 yr old home alone. I was going to report them but my husband made it clear to them that we knew what they were doing and wouldnt think twice about reporting them if it continued. I wouldnt personally have the guts to stand up to them!
  • I've given Theo medised a couple of times, once after his jabs because he was just screaming and screaming and the calpol and nurefoen made no difference (we waited 6 hours after last dose of calpol to give him medised obviously) and once when his bottom tooth was coming through and I felt so guilty! He slept like a little lamb but I still felt guilty.
    I know a woman who has given her 2 year old medised every night since she was 8 weeks old and I think its just awful. We actually fell out over it because I told her it was disgusting and she said it was the only way the little girl slept!
  • i think you definately have to do something as you would never forgive yourself if something awful happened to any of the children. I think talking to your health visitor is a good idea if you have a good one and if you can talk to them confidentially. Or, how about phoning the nspcc??
    0808 800 5000
  • I would mention it either to your hv or phone social services, she doesnt sound like the sort of person you could talk to and tbh if she is giving her baby medised every night to make it sleep then that is wrong. It isnt recommended before the age of 2 due to people doing exactly what she is doing or mixing it with other medicines causing the child to over dose. She clearly needs some sort of help or support and maybe lessons (sorry couldnt think of a better word) on how to be a parent.

    If you stand back and do nothing and any of the children come to harm you would never forgibve yourself. xx
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