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My DD is 13 months old & for approx last 6 weeks has been waking up I wold say prob once a night but she has not done this before!? I do give her bottle of milk & she tends to go back to sleep but I don't understand why? She has 3 two course meals a day with snack/bit of milk in between - I have tried giving her a bottle before bed but she won't take it. I have also tried giving her weetabix which I did last night but still woke at 1am!! I am lost to know why - she has been poorly on & off since starting nursery 2 monhs ago but her food intake is back up & she isn't a big baby so I am at a loss as the continual wake up is starting to take it's toll when I have to go to work etc. I am wondering wether to start a dream feed again before we go to bed but I am not convinced that this is a long term solution & making a rod for my own back !! Any help & advice greatly appreciated. Xx:\?


  • If she's been poorly maybe that's making her wake? Also could she be teething again?
    Personally I wouldn't start feeding again during the night - like you said you will make a rod for your own back. Does she cry when waking? If not are you able just to leave her. if you go to see her and she's not upset she could be doing it for attention as she knows you will go to her.
    Sorry can't be much more help xx
  • i'm with ccbmommy on this one - dont give her a bottle overnight now, as she'll get used to it, and always want one!

    have you tried leaving her alone to cry it out?

    is she warm enough? - could you put an extra blanket on when you go to bed. i do with mine as the heating goes off at 10, and it has gone cold.

    if neccessary, maybe try controlled crying, but i think id try ignoring her for now.

    are you leaving a big enough gap from tea to milk at night?
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