Baby Wrestling!

Hi everyone, need some advice!
My baby William is 19 weeks old and feeding him lately has become a bit of a nightmare. He takes the first half of his bottle perfectly well and then becomes so wriggly it is like feeding an eel! (urgh the thought of it!) He is fine during the bedtime and dream feeds and doesn't cry so I don't think he has a sore mouth. The last bottle, during his antics, he kept looking at me and laughing so could it be that he is bored? He has 6 ounces per bottle and when he's like that he can leave up to 2 oz!

Also, I'm worrying that he's not having enough milk. I estimate he is between 14-15 lbs and using the estimation that a baby should have 2.5 oz milk per lb bodyweight he's not having enough. He has 4 6 oz bottles and 2 5oz. I have tried increasing the amounts and he rarely will take that extra oz. Saying that, he doesn't often scream for food and although I've not been able to have him weighed lately he is becoming chunkier.

Has anyone else had a wriggly baby? and do you all follow the 2.5oz rule or should I not worry too much about that and trust my baby to take what he needs? :\?


  • iv never heard the 2.5oz rule actually. cameron is 29 weeks, 19lb 5oz and has about 15-18 oz also but he is weaned onto 3 meals a day.
    i think this wriggly awkward stage happens to all babies though, there is just too much fun to be had to be sat still feeding. If thats all he wants you cant force milk into him so in a sense i suppose you do just have to leave it up to them. i weaned cameron at 16 weeks and he has a lot of dairy in his diet, perhaps william is ready for starting some solids?
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