Christening gifts?


We are having our son christened in two weeks, someone mentioned to me about buying gifts for the godparents. Is this the norm or a bit OTT?

Thanks xx


  • Me and my husband are godparents to our best friends son. We never expected a present at all but a couple of weeks later, we were given a lovely engraved photo frame. It had a picture of us with their son on the day of the christening in it.

  • hi
    we're having a thanksgiving for MJ on sunday, we have 4 godparents for her.

    We havent bought them any gifts though. We didnt for the four godparents Ollie has either.
    I've never heard about it except on here. I would say if you want to then do so, but if you cant afford/dont want to then there shouldnt be a problem.

  • Hi we got our godmothers plaques from here:!/pages/Amys-Personalised-Crafts/353983460029?ref=ts

    -she's a BE mummy! We're going to give the godfather a framed photo x
  • I am a godparent to both my nephews. I didn't get a present and certainly didn't expect one! I got a lovely card saying thank you, which I thought was more than enough...

    It was an honour to be asked and that is worth more than any gift.

  • we got presents for our godparents we got a candle with babies pic on saying to my godparent etc realy lovelt, for the others we did photos in frame x
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