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Hey ladies, Just wondering with the weather looking like it's improving, do I have to offer James water? I know cooled boiled water is used to help constipation. But wasn't sure about it just being a drink? James' wee can smell quite strong at times, and obviously more fluids would help. Otherwise he takes 4-5oz milk 3-5 hourly. Thanks mummies. :\) xx mithical and James 8 weeks 4 days.


  • Hi

    As i had my lo in the summer, i used to keep a bottle a day just for drinking water and used to offer it regularly mainly in the middle of two feeds. Sometimes he wouldnt be bothered, but other times he would drink quite alot.

    HTH XX
  • Hi babycrazy1, thanks for the reply. Was that something you were encouraged to do by mw or hv? Also I wouldn't want to fill him up, so he takes less milk. Can this be a problem? x
  • My HV suggested it to me at the very beginning, mainly i think to help keep him regular but i mainly did it during the hot weather and during the winter started him on his cup. Personally my lo is never full, especially as he was fed 4hourly if he took water at 2hours it wouldnt effect his next bottle at all. I think the best thing to do is trial and error. I just didnt want lo thirsty.

  • I offer Emilia a drink of water at 4:15pm. She doesnt always take it but I want her to get used to taking it before the weather gets really hot. My heath visitor said to offer a couple of oz's a day, just to help Emilia poo and so she is introduced to another taste.
    Emilia has a split feed at 5 and 6:15 to help her settle for bed and the drink of water doesnt seem to interfere with them. She usually takes about 1oz of water

  • Thanks. I did give him water a couple of times, to try to extend feed times. But decided that was a bad idea because of growth spurts. But at least I know he will take water. :\) xx
  • Thanks girls. xx
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