Please help, when to increase formula amounts?

Hi, my lo is 2 weeks 5 days old. He was last weighed at 8lb 3oz (last Monday) which is 4oz more than birth weight.
I have been feeding him 90ml, we did increase this to some bottles of 120ml as he always finishes his feed and dosent seem satifsfied after but the mw said that his belly is prob too small for this so to stick with 90ml. However he now wants feeding every 2 - 3 hours rather than the 3 - 4 that he started at and has started waking for 2 night feeds where he was happy b4 with 1.
He doesnt bring back his feed and I'm keen to introduce every other bottle at 120ml again as he does seem very hungry.
How old / big were your lo when you increased their feed, the formula tub says 2 - 4 weeks is ok at 120ml but dont want to go against mw if it might cause more probs than solve.


  • if you think he could take another oz or 2 i would wack it up. thats what i did. xxx
  • yeah me 2. if he;s hungry then he's hungry. it wont harm him. if he doesnt want it he will just bring it back up! xx
  • it may be that you need to up it, or it may just be a growth spurt as every couple of weeks my lo would need feeding almost every hour for a few days and then go back to normal, not very helpful i know but i think if baby is crying for food you need to give it to him, but if it is a growth spurt don't be surprised if he goes back down to the 90ml again. or you could ask if you could give the extra feeds as water? (sorry i didn't ff until 5months so can't tell you about the amounts for ff.)
  • I would increase it if he is hungry and if the formula tub says that is what he should be having then I don't see a problem. We followed the amounts from the tub too and always increased when it recommended. Sometimes I think hv and mw aren't that helpful and worry us more. Your mw isn't the one having to feed your lo so often and get up twice every night to satisfy his hunger!! If it is too much for him then he will let you know.
  • Go with your instincts and increase the amount. I was always told to put extra 30ml in bottle than they needed anyway. He'll let you know when he's had enough by turning his head away, spitting it out or bringing some milk back up.
  • i always did it so there was always a little bit left in bottle that way you know they've thaken all they want! if they drain to bottom then they need more just up an onze of water and another scoop of forula at a time! it may well be growth spurt we started off feeding every 4 hours but then every now and again it would be 2/3 hours.... nightmare! then you see they aren't bothered again...
    like everyone says they'll bring it up or seal mouth shut and push away teat if they are full so you can't over feed!
    every baby is different so don't necessarliy stick to the tub its a good guide but if yoir baby needs more you have to feed!

  • Awww....My lo is 2 weeks 5 days too so they share a birthday.
    It's funny because Gabe is on 120ml (4oz) and the mw and HV were very pleased with this, sometimes he drinks less sometimes more. If hes been asleep for 6 hours then he will drink almost 150ml (5oz). Then again he was bigger than your lo he's 9lb 12.
    I would say increase the bottles, he wont have it if he isn't hungry xxx
  • Thank you everyone. I have increased it now to 120 mls and he is much more contented, still drains every bottle though and when he next wakes for a feed I can actually hear his belly rumble! I have clinic next Tues so will see what weight he's gained and chk that I shouldn't actually give even more, he's rarely sick and when he is it's a tiny amount of possetting. Is lovely as my 1st was really sicky and had several changes a day whereas this one is in 1 set of day clothes and 1 sleepsuit.
    Congratualtions tigerlily, it's nice seeing people from pregnancy forums gradually moving over here!
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