3 kids, what car have you got?

Hi girls,
we are looking to buy a new car soon as oh's has given up the ghost and we are currently sharing my Astra. Needless to say its doing my head in not having a car! He needs it to get to work so Im stuck in most of the time. Anyway we went car hunting the other day and we have now decided we are going to get either a Honda Accord, Ford Mondeo, or Mazda 6. The car is going to be relatively new, a year or two as it will have to last!
So basically I just wanted your opinions. Does anyone have any of these 3 cars and have 3 children in the back? How do the car seats fit? And what car seats have you got? All 3 of our girls are still in car seats so we need to know they will fit with plenty of room.
Any other suggestions of other suitable cars would be great too,
Sarah x x x

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  • We've just got a 2 yr old Zafira, they have tons of room!! Its boot is the same size of my focus hatchback with the 2 extra seats up and with them down its more estate sized. The bench seat is on a roller (like the front seats) so it can be moved forward to allow even bigger boot space.
    There was plenty of leg room in the back and I can't put my feet right upto the front of the car (I'm 5ft 7) when sat in the passenger seat.

    Airbags on the passenger side can be turned off, so you could put one in the front with you and the other 2 on the backseat or when you're all out together 2 in the back and 1 on the occasional seats if all 3 carseats don't fit together. We only have the one LO atm and we also looked at estates - Astras and the like but this is much better for us with the view of more children in the future in mind
  • Hi Mrs T thank you for your reply. Oh has already said he doesnt want to get an MPV, or 7 seater. However, I just found an older post of someone asking the question 'is it possible to get 3 car seats in a normal family car?' and it appears it is a far more difficult task than I had imagined! We can just about get 3 car seats in the back of our Astra but the seats are small and my oldest just has the bottom half ov her seat (the top doesnt fit) and the youngest is in an infant carrier so this isnt going to work forever! Im worried we will have to go shopping for new seats or just give in an buy an MPV, oh wont be happy. I said I wanted to get a ford S max tho! If ne one has managed this almost impossible task, please tell me how? x x x x
  • dont have any of those cars we have 3 kids in the back of a lexus is20
    we have the 11week in a car seat, the almost 4 year old in a booster seat and the almost 7 year old using nothing, and its a tight squeese the car is only 18months old though.
    we will be changing ang getting another new car in Sept though this time we are looking at the BMW or audi estates, so that there will be more room and the older one can use a booster as well as i hate not having him in it x
  • HI hun, as u know i have the 3 and I have a corsa!!! The three in the back actually fits quite well when all in together. What you got to thik about as well is how often both u and oh will be taking all 3 out in that car. I use the car a lot on my own so dont always need all three in the back but when he is there and its the 5 of us its fine xxxx
  • Its funny coz Ive got a friend who also manages to get 3 car seats in the back of her corsa!!! You are right tho hun, rarely do we all go out as a family. Its just using the car for holidays that concerns me the most as I want it to spacious enuff for that. Mostly tho its just me driving the kids about in my car and theres plenty of room when Dave isnt with us. I think I will do my reserch and def get a small second size seat if I can for Livs, weve already had to swap our rennaisance with mil's freeway just to get them in as they are now! x
  • I have to tell you though, it is possible to find some mighty fine 7 seaters on the market! I know a Mercedes is prolly pushing it, but wowa, they have this AWESOME 7 seater, it looks so sleek!

    I have to say though, if you got 3 kids, a bigger car will make your hubby happier as well, because trying to fit 3 kids and all the stuff that they need in a smaller one will be pain in the ass 1) for you, 2) for kids 3) FOR HUBBY :P
  • this question is actually what got me started on BE!

    i did a google search and someone else had asked same on here!!

    i have 1yr old, 4 yr old, and 7 yr old.

    i have a Maxi Cosi Tobi which goes in the middle (bit of a ball ache at times), and 2 Maxi Cosi Rodi XR on either side. After the lo is fastened in, the boys seat is at an angle so i can fasten them in, then i slide the car seat so it is upright. they are all then flush to one another, but all fitted correctly. they were all the safest on the market at the time i bought them. when not as a family car, i have the oldest in the front, and the other 2 in the outer seats

    the car is the BMW X5 - i had the X3 before, and couldnt get the seats in, but due to living in the middle of nowhere, really needed the 4x4 type car.

    when we have been on holiday, we have had a Zafira and a Sharon (i think both VW), and if it wasnt for the hills / track to my house, i'd have happily bought the Sharon, as it was very impressive. the boot space isnt mega, but we managed the buggy with shopping etc. to / from airport we had bags under feet, but it was only those trips!

    my oh was like yours - not having MPV etc, but once he drove it, he did come round to it!
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