Toys in the cot

We are going to be putting DD in her own room for the first time tomorrow night. At the moment her cot as some cuddle toys in it.

For those who already have their LOs in their cots what do you do with the toys? Do you leave them in all cot even at night or do you remove them?



  • The "correct" answer is take them all out I guess, We used to just move them all down the end of her bed by her feet.
  • Lizzie has one teething toy in there and thats it, mainly because she can get to both ends of her cot with ease and puts everything in sight in her mouth (she even trys to eat the wheels of her baby walker!) x
  • After Luke went asleep I removed the 2 that were in there and after he started throwing them out of the cot a few months back I gave him big ted and I leave it in there, he does not really cuddle up to toys that much.

  • with my ds1 i didn't have any toys in the cot as he would play rather than sleep lol x
  • My lo has 3 soft cuddle toys in there and she always has a muslin as well. I leave them in there all night so she can play with them in the morning if she wakes up early. My dd1 always had loads of toys in there with her and it wasn't a problem.
  • depends on the age I think. When my boys were tiny there were a couple of toys in the cot well out of reach.

    However by 9m I put a couple of toys once they're asleep for them to find in the morning, so I don't have to get straight up. It works as ds2 will play for an hour before crying some times! Plus ds1 has learnt to play and not bother us although he is in a bed and can open the bedroom door! He waits for us to go and get him!

  • ds2 is still n his moses baset but with ds1 I used to have a few toys in there with him so when he woke in the morning he'd entertain himself a little while whilst I woke up properly (bad Mummy lol)
  • This is probably not the 'right' answer, but we leave one toy and one fabric book in Maya's Moses basket. The soft toy is one that's 'slept' in our bed for yonks and I think she likes the fact it smells familiar, and she is absolutely fascinated by the book (one of those yellow, white and black padded contrast books) and is quite happy to gaze at it for 30 mins at a time. Which is valuable sleep time for me!!

    Hope the transition goes well ;\)
  • Well Niamh is a sleep in her own room . There was no trouble with her getting to sleep as she was really sleepy and as soon as her head hit the matress she was asleep!

    I have removed most of the toys bar 3 which are at the opposite end of the cot to her!

    Fingers crossed she sleeps all night like she usually does x

  • Hi Mrs C - pleased to hear Niamh has gone down well. Just wanted to say we have no toys at all in the cot, I wouldn't be able to trust my LO with anything other than his muslin comforter xx
  • My LO always has his glowworm in his cot at night. I used to take it out once he was asleep but once he was approx 6 months I left it in there for him as he used to chat to it and grab it if he woke up early etc
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