Holidays with a baby - your suggestions please!

Any ideas, suggestions, recommendations or experiences of holidaying with a small baby? My lo was born prematurely in December so will prob be about 6 months if we go away in the summer.... Oh and I would like to go somewhere warm and sunny that doesn't require a long flight to get there... or ideally no flight at all but that's about it!!

So your suggestions and recommendations would be really appreciated!!!

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  • If you don't want to fly then somewhere you can get to on a ferry is a good shout. It will be a lot less stressful than flying! France and Germany are both lovely in the summer months and not too far away by ferry or channel tunnel xxxx
  • Thanks for the suggestions on the cruise! I would love to do this but oh is dead set against it... Have a fabulous wedding and honeymoon!!!
  • I know you want to holiday abroad by the sounds of it but....if you decide to holiday in the UK Center Parcs is very baby friendly.
    Lots of things to do inc the swimming dome which is free and you can spenc hours in their with your lo. We went in September and going again in May.
  • You can't really go wrong with Spain or the Canary islands. Only a short flight of a couple of hours, you'd be unlucky to get bad weather in the summer, beaches and people are so child friendly, and if you don't speak the language most places you will need to go will speak english, so it's pretty hassle free. x
  • hi there ... we took jack to fuertaventura when he was 10 months old and it was lovely but it might be a bit hot in the summer we went in april and it was just perect ....the flight is 4 hours and wasnt too bad (jack was walking so it was difficult at times) last year we went to portugal ...flight 2.5 hrs perfect and weather was lovely not to hot ..june time....this year were going to go to devon or cornwall ...haven i think just because it will be difficult with sophia and jack to go abroad ..... i think in this country haven is a good option as its family friendly and cheaper than centre parks (i would love to go to centre parks but u have to pay for all extra's which can work out expensive) hope this helps xxxxxxxxxx
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