Naps at 8 and a half months

How many naps/for how long should babies be having at 8 and a half minutes?

DS has 2/3 a day for an average of 45 mins per nap. But will sometimes miss out his afternoon nap. Yesterday he went from 1:50 to just gone 7pm without a nap ! I was impressed he managed to stay awake for so long - and was in a good mood !!!

Should I be dropping a nap yet ?? There doesn't seem enough time in the day what with his bottle feeds, solid feeds and naps !!!

I was thinking of dropping his morning nap (which he doesn't have until 10am anyway, he gets up at 7:15 in the morning) and then dropping his 11o/c feed and bringing his lunch forward to 11:45 and then putting him down for a nap at 12:30. Hoping he will have a good 2 hours at lunch ...

Does anyone have any thoughts?

At the moment his average day looks roughly like this ...

7:15 - get up
7:45 - bottle
8:45 - breakfast
10.00 - nap
11:00 bottle
12:30 - lunch
1:30 nap
3:00 - bottle
4:30 nap (sometimes)
5:30 - tea
6:30 - bottle
7:15 - bed


  • Hi K
    Ava usually has 1.5 hours in a morning at 9.30 - 11ish ( this can vary some days). Then if she does have the full hour and half she has 30 - 45 mins in an afternoon around 2pm x
  • my wee man is 8 months this week and hardly ever has a nap.
  • At 9 months my LO has 30-45 minutes in the morning (around 2 hours after he woke up) and ideally 90 minutes after lunch at 12.30ish. He goes to bed at 6pm. x
  • Hey hun,
    My LO has about an hour in the morning (about 2 hrs after he got up) then 1-1.5 in the afternoon after lunch 12.30 ish then he'll have maybe 30-45 mins before tea at 4pm ish. Sometimes he wont have the last one depends on the timings of him other naps.
  • Hi
    My Lo is 8.5 months too.
    our routine is

    7am get up & bottle
    8am -breakfast
    9am - nap of around 45 mins
    11.30am - lunch
    12pm - nap of around 2hrs
    5pm - teatime
    6pm - bath
    6.15pm - bottle
    6.30pm - bed

    we dropped the afternoon nap a while ago, he settles so well for his other naps but kept crying for this one, so I just gave up putting him down. He is tired by bedtime that's why he goes to bed a bit eralier
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