Channel 4s "one born every minute"

does anyone know when this is back on!? i cant wait for the next series!! image


  • Their website says it'll be back in 2011 - I loved it too so will def be looking out for it.
    I kept saying to hubby "See you were lucky I wasn't like her in labour". To be fair, I was glad he wasn't like most of the OHs on there too!
  • Oh I can't wait either as when it was on I was still pg so now I'll be able to look back from an 'experianced' point of view lol

    jayne xx
  • Hi, I know someone who works at the Hospital and they said they are starting filming the next series in Sept/Oct with a view to airing again in the new year like last time - I can't wait! Was so great especially as I saw my midwife on there!!
  • 2011??? thats bloomin' ages away!! can't wait! xx
  • I can't wait either. I had Amelia in the Princess Anne and we now know some of the people in it. Makes it all the more real.
  • 2011?! rubbish!!!

    didnt the men on there make you so grateful for your own birthing partner?! hehe!!

    im glad i had already given birth before i watched this. some of the women made out like they were dying!! i was like " push woman push!!" LOL

    i wonder if the ladies who were on that programme are on here?!
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