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Hi Ladies,

Hope you and your gorgeous little ones are doing well....

I am now 34+3 and am thinking of starting to drink raspberry leaf tea or take the Nan swears by it, having had both of her babies a couple of days early, with no pain relief and only 7 hours of labour.

Now im wondering......did any of you use it to help your labours?? and do you think it worked?? any info would be lovely.

Thanks xxxxx


  • hi, i started drinking the tea from 34weeks, with one cup a day, then upped it by one cup each weeks, but no more than 4, so from 38weeks on i was having 4 cups a day. it didn't help me at all, i was induced from 40+3 and i only ever got to 2cm....btu an induced labour is completelty different so it may well have worked had i gone into labour, i've not helped at all have i lol! xx
  • I credit Rasberry leaf entirely with my very quick and easy second birth. 1st time round I was in labour for about 14hrs, baby was back to back and I ended up with ventouse and then forceps. 2nd time round I started drinking the tea at about 34 weeks and then switched to tablets at about 37 weeks purely because with a toddler I couldn't drink enough tea! My 2nd labour started with about 1 1/2 hrs of very mild contractions, so mild I didn't even mention it to my oh :lol: then my waters went and Barney arrived an hour later, after just 10 mins of pushing. He was a week late so I'm not sure it helps them arrive any earlier, but for me it definitely seemed to make my contractions more efficient.
    We aren't planning any more, but if we were I would definitely take it again. I'd also definitely have a home birth as we'd only been at the birth centre for 12 mins when he arrived and he was very nearly born in oh's car! :lol:
  • with my first pregnancy i started the tea about 33wks and then read it should be drank a bit later in the pregnancy so i stopped,i went in to labour at 35wks and it lasted 4 1/2 hours and i had no stitches and was only on gas and air,my second pregnancy (twins) i didnt get the chance to use it again as i went in to labour at 31wks :lol:

  • Sounds like mixed results then!!.....i guess its worth a try though isnt it!!

    I suppose everyone is different....

    Anymore ladies?? xxxx
  • Raspberry leaf is only meant to tone up the uterus to help in labour, not help labour come on quicker. My story's very similar to Siany's! Took tablets AND the tea, waters broke at 40+7but didn't progress much and was induced at 40+9...but then all happened quickly. My uterus did shrink back very quick (i did breastfeed which helps that too) which may've been helped by the r.leaf. Can't hurt to try - I quite liked the taste of the tea too.

    Good luck hon. x
  • I used the Raspberry Leaf tablets and I think they helped me go into labour early (38+5) but didn't help my labour. I laboured for 27 hours, got to 9cm dilated but then bubs head trned so ended up in emergency c section.xx
  • I used the Raspberry Leaf tablets and I think they helped me go into labour early (38+5) but didn't help my labour. I laboured for 27 hours, got to 9cm dilated but then bubs head trned so ended up in emergency c section.xx
  • I took the tablets from 36 weeks and had a very easy labour/birth with only gas and air at 38+2 I was 8cm on arrival at hospital and was pushing him out within 2 hours of arrival. I think it only took 30 mins to actually push. Whether or not this is down to the tabs I will never know but will def take them next time anyway.

    They can bring on early labour in some women which is why the dont recommend drinking tea/tablets till later on in pregnacy, just be aware it's rare but better for baby to come as close to 37 weeks as poss.
  • I used RL tablets, cant do tea other then tetley plus the tablets are more concentrated then the tea.

    My mw and I are convinced its why i had such a quick labour and strong conctractions, my labour was 8 hours from 1st contraction to delivery! with a back to back baby!!

    It wont do any harm, I was 11 days late so cant see it bringing labour on but def help the strength of contraction in my personal experience.

  • I drank the tea from about 36 weeks but only ever once a day as couldnt manage any more than that (tastes a bit like feet!) Thinking about it I reckon it did help my uterus shrink back and mw commented on how quickly it had done. Also my labour was 9 1/2 hours, I had a home birth with no pain relief except for water. I went into labour the day after my due date but I dont think its meant to bring on labour just make contractions more effective.
  • I dont think they helped me to go into labour but I think they certainly helped me a quicker labours. I took the tablets from 34 weeks

  • I religiously took RL capsults from Holland & Barratt for weeks before giving birth. I was late, had to be induced which failed and ended up with a c-section so they did not help me one bit.

    Research does suggest otherwise so I'd still give them a go next time around and would suggest you do the same, good luck xx
  • i started taking the tabs at 34 weeks and upted by 1 every week, i went into labour at 38+6 but it was a very long 2nd stage that ended in emergency section, so as it is suppose to shorten 2nd stage it didnt work for me
  • I started drinking the tea with my my 1st lo at 36 weeks. started with 1 cup increasing to 4. She was 9 days late but labour 3 hours 38 mins from 1st contraction to delivery, pushing 30 mins. 2nd lo probably only drunk about 10-15 cups and labour was less than 2 hours and only 15 mins pushing. I definately feel it helped with the 2nd stage and the midwives agree
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