Graco electra travel cot-do you have one? big favour!

For anyone with one of these could you do me a big favour please and tell me the size in cm of the mattress/base, weird request i know but im wanting to get a mattress for it and need to know the size as I dont have mine at home. Thanks in advance!!


  • Hi

    My travel cot is piled with toys but I tried my best and measured it. It is 40cm X 28cm. I checked the instruction book as well but couldn't see it. Hope this helps. If you need anything else let me know.

  • Hiya I went on the website and it said an added mattress can be added of measurements 93x66 so ive ordered that! hope it fits! lol
  • i think u meant inches hun 40cm would be tiny. Thanks for your help though image
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